Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in 2014

Every job has its specific level of stress. However, some jobs are more or less stressful than others. CareerCast published an annual jobs report where they considered 11 factors for the 200 careers that they reviewed. Some of the factors considered are stressors due to travel, deadlines, physical demands, environmental conditions and competiveness in the job. This article will discuss those top 10 least stressful jobs for 2014.

1. Audiologist

This job scored a low 3.35 stress rating and there is a projected growth rate of 37% for positions in this field. The average median salary for an audiologist is $69,720. An audiologist diagnoses and treats patients with hearing impairments through examinations that try to ascertain the range and degree of hearing functionality.

2. Hair Stylist

A hair stylist job received a stress rating of 5.41. This field is projected to see a growth rate of 14%. Individuals interested in this type of job can expect an average salary of $22,700. Hair stylists work with customers to provide shampoos, trims, haircuts as well as styles according to taste.

3. Jeweler

The stress rating for a jeweler is a score of 7.26. However, this field has a projected growth rate of -5%. A jeweler has an average salary of $35,350. An individual in this field basically manufactures as well as repairs jewelry such as rings, pins, bracelets and necklaces while using semi-precious and precious stones and metals.

4. Tenured University Professor

A job as a tenured university professor has a stress rating of 8.43 with an average median salary of $64,290. There is a projected job growth rate of 17%. The term tenure means that a professor cannot have his or her position terminated without specific and unbiased reasons. Tenure is granted after a set probationary period. Professors teach students in the college setting on a wide variety of vocational and academic subjects depending on their specific field of study.

5. Seamstress / Tailor

A seamstress and tailor have a job stress rating of 9.5 with an average salary of $26,280. This field has a projected job growth rate of 1%. Seamstresses and tailors work with clothing and garment alterations and designs. They sew and reinforce existing garments as well as create new clothing from designs and patterns.

6. Dietician

A dietician position has a job stress rating of 10.24 as well as an average median salary of $55,240. This field has a projected job growth of 20%. The job tasks of a dietician include assessing a patient’s dietary restrictions as well as assisting in planning a specific menu. They also work with the patient’s family or caregiver to provide instructions on the necessary nutritional care.

7. Medical Records Technician

A medical records technician position has a job stress rating of 10.5. The average median salary is $34,160. Additionally, the projected job growth rate is 21%. An individual working in this field maintains current and accurate medical records. This data is then utilized for billing purposes as well as treatment and statistical surveys.

8. Librarian  

A librarian position has a job stress rating of 10.58 with a median average salary of $55,370. For this field, there is a projected job growth rate of 7%. This individual is responsible for selecting and organizing various books, audios, videos and other reading material for the public.

9. Multimedia Artist

A multimedia artist position has a job stress rating of 10.94. The average salary for this field is $61,370 and there is a projected job growth rate of 8%. The job tasks involve creating animation and visual effects for some of the following outlets: televisions, movies, and video games.

10. Drill-Press Operator

A drill-press operator position has a stress rating of 11.32 and an average salary of $35,580. The projected growth rate for a job in this field is 6%. Drill-press operators utilize industrial tools to create holes in various materials such as wood or metal.

If you are seeking a job with a low stress rating, then maybe one of these top ten least stressful jobs could be perfect for your current situation. Of course, no job is without any stress at all. Some are simply less stressful than others.




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