Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in America in 2016

All jobs come with some sort of stress – there’s simply no escape from its grip. Whether it’s stressing over impending deadlines, unrealistic expectations from upper management, a micromanaging boss, coworker drama, or even a long commute, the effects of a stressful work environment are many and highly devastating to an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. For example, they run a higher risk of depression and cardiovascular disease. But it’s not just employees who have to pay the price of a stressful job: companies tend to experience high employee turnover, and this can be quite damaging to their reputation.

However, there are some jobs that are less stressful than others, and it is in those jobs that workers seem happier and more fulfilled. And they’re quite rare, to say the least. In fact, a 2014 Gallup study found that only 31.5% of US employees felt engaged in their jobs.

And if you want to find out what those jobs are, look no further!

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10. Librarian

Smiling librarian

The most stressful job on this list belongs to librarians, perhaps because they have to deal with people every day who are often rude and disrespectful towards them, and the fact that the increased use of electronic resources is slowly putting them out of a job. Their stress levels rate at 10.58 and employment in this profession is projected to grow at only 2% by 2024. However, they make almost four times the minimum wage and earn an average annual salary of $56,170.

9. Dietitian

Young woman with basket of fruit and vegetables

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become one of the main focuses of importance in recent years – in fact, some people contend that it has become a trend of sorts. And with more and more people becoming aware of the importance of healthy eating, dietitians’ jobs have a growth outlook of 16% over the next eight years with an average annual salary of $56,950. However, their jobs rank relatively high in terms of stress at 10.23.

8. Audiologist

Audiologist examining patient

Audiologists are healthcare specialists who are trained to diagnose and treat a patient’s hearing, tinnitus, or balance problems. Because they deal with patients directly, their jobs can be quite stressful – in fact, their stress levels rate at 9.30. However, jobs for audiologists are expected to increase by 29% over the next eight years, the highest for any job listed here, and they make, on average, $73,060 per year.

7. Jeweler

Woman at jeweler's shop

Professionals in this field design, manufacture, repair, appraise and sell jewelry. And because of the value of some of the jewelry they deal with (and the risk of its potential loss or theft), jewelers’ stress levels rate at 9.10. Although they make a pretty decent salary, an average of $36,870 per year, growth outlook in this profession doesn’t look too good as it is projected to decline by 11% by over the next eight years, making it the least secure job.

6. Medical Laboratory Technician

Group of researchers

Working mostly in hospitals and doctors’ offices, medical laboratory technicians assist physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases like cancer and AIDS by collecting samples and performing tests to analyze body fluids and tissue. Employment in this field is expected to grow by 16% over the next eight years, and those interested in obtaining an associate’s degree or postsecondary certificate to work as a medical laboratory technician will have the potential to make an average annual salary of $49,310. Due to the pressure that comes with this job and the criticalness of delivering precise and accurate results, the profession gets a rating of 8.98 in terms of stress.

5. Medical Records Technician

Doctor standing in aisle of medical records

As with medical lab technicians, medical records technicians’ jobs can be quite stressful due to the nature of their work as they are required to organize and manage patients’ health information data accurately and securely in both paper files and electronic systems. As such, their stress levels rate at 7.55. Meanwhile, an estimated 188,600 people were employed as medical records technicians across the US in 2014, and job opportunities are expected to grow by 15% by 2024. On average, professionals make about $35,900 per year in this line of work.

4. Hairstylist

Woman holding scissors

Although they earn less than any of the other professions on this list (about $23,200 annually), working as a hairstylist offers work scheduling flexibility and the ability to work in a comfortable environment. Competition in this field is fierce, which could account for this profession scoring 7.47 in terms of stress levels, but the number of hairstylists employed is expected to grow over the next eight years by 10%, faster than the national average of 7%.

3. University Professor (Tenured)

University professor

The good thing about being a tenured university professor is that you can’t get fired without just cause, so job security is a major benefit. Another great benefit is that they earn about $70,790 per year, the third-highest salary on this list. Moreover, their jobs score relatively low in terms of stress at 6.94, and job opportunities are projected to grow by 13% by 2024.

2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Couple having ultrasound scan

Diagnostic medical sonographers, who are also known as ultrasound technicians, use non-ionizing, high-frequency sound waves to produce images of internal body tissues. Their jobs are important in assisting doctors to diagnose and monitor various conditions from pregnancy to cancer and cardiovascular disease. With a growth outlook of 24% by 2024, diagnostic medical sonographers have the second lowest stress score at 4.00 and earn an average annual salary of $62,540.

1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analyst

With cyber-attacks on the rise around the globe, demand for information security analysts is quickly increasing as they are responsible for planning and implementing security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks, systems, and data from such attacks. With a growth outlook of 18% over the next eight years, they have the least stressful jobs in the US with a score of 3.80, and they earn more money than any other job on this list with an average annual salary of $88,890.

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Is your job listed here? How does working in one of the least stressful jobs in America feel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!