Top 10 LinkedIn Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention To

In order to improve your brand’s performance and increase revenues, an online presence is important. Using social media channels, such as LinkedIn, provides you with statistics as far as the types of people the brand is reaching and who is really reading the brand’s posts. LinkedIn provides statistics for both business and individual accounts, unlike others that only show statistics for business pages.

1. How many see the Post

LinkedIn shows members how many times their profile is clicked on or viewed. The difference here is that profile owners get statistics for both unique clicks and paid post clicks. The breakdown helps businesses see how many people the posts are reaching and if their marketing strategy needs revamping.

2. Page Impressions

This metric tells profile owners how many page views they have had in the last day, but breaks it down even further. The ability to view the last week’s impressions as well as up to 6 months previous can be shown.  The helpful information here lets you see which posts have been the most compelling to your followers and connections.

3. Post Statistics

Post statistics area another important metric to watch. The numbers shown for the campaigns or posts on LinkedIn show page owners which posts get attention and which are ignored. This helpful information provides page owners with insight as to what type of posts are interesting and which should be avoided.

4. Follower Statistics

The follower statistics show the demographic metrics of each connection a business has. These demographics include the industry that followers work in along with their level of experience or position with a specific company.

5. Competition

LinkedIn shows users who the competition is and how well they stack up against your brand. The only downside here is that these statistics cannot be taken from LinkedIn as proof of high marks against the competition.

6. Profile Viewers

Individual LinkedIn users have this metric available. You are able to actually see who is viewing your page. This is a great resource to have if you are a LinkedIn member for networking or job seeking reasons.

7. Who Pays Attention

A fun metric to pay attention to is who views your updates. Individual users can view their past eight updates and see who connected with them or viewed them. The graphic to the right of the profile photo shows their degree of connection.

8. Growing Network

Of course direct connections are important but so are the connections and networks of those you interact with. Their networks my view your profile or connect with your content. This is how network growth works on LinkedIn.

9. Publications

This fairly new metric on LinkedIn is interesting. Essentially, this feature measures your success. Limited information is available at the present time but will expand in the coming months to close out 2014.

10. Categorized Followers

Categorized and segmented followers break down your connections by region, industry and seniority. Basically, this just shows how your connections stack up against each other and it allows you to compare them to yourself and your success.

These metrics are important because users of LinkedIn need to know how their posts and profiles perform, especially against direct competition. Staying up-to-date on these statistics helps users to change the content they share or post on the professional social media network. Consider searching through extended networks for more demographical categories to introduce yourself or your brand to. It is okay to send connection requests to members of other networks in an effort to increase your own. This is how brands and individuals gain more exposure, make bigger impressions and gain more success for brand building and individual growth.

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