Top 10 Luckiest People on Earth

Have you ever considered yourself lucky? Whatever happened that encouraged you to believe that, I am sure you can’t compare your lucky charms with these ten incredibly lucky people. These individuals have been considered to be amongst the luckiest people on earth as they managed to survive bizarre life-threating situations. As these individuals will never forget those moments, they will live to tell a great, compelling story to their sons and daughters about how they cheated death at the very last minute!

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Check out who are the luckiest people on earth who managed to escape death:

1. Andres Helstrup

Andres Helstrup was a few meters away from death when a meteorite flew by next to him. While flying with his aerodynamic wing suit along with other members of his team, he felt that something strange was going on there but wasn’t sure about what happened. It wasn’t until he saw it on the video that he realized he and his companions had been incredibly lucky for not having this rock land on their heads. I mean, what are the odds?

2. The lucky driver

This driver from Taiwan must be the luckiest man in the world! While driving his car, a huge rock rolled down the hill and was ready to smash his car until it stopped only a few inches away from the vehicle. This video shows footage of the incident that was filmed by the people in the car behind it. Check it out as it’s guaranteed it will literately take your breath away for a few seconds!

3. The brave trainspotter

A railway enthusiast had a lucky escape when he was filming the Oliver Cromwell steam train at Thurston station in Suffolk, England. While standing too close to the rail tracks, this brave man got carried away by his passion for trainspotting completely unaware about the train that was fast approaching from the opposite direction. The train was travelling at around 70 miles per hour and missed him only by few inches!

4. Maarten de Jonge

Cyclist Maarten de Jonge, who was going to compete for Malaysia’s cycling team, was scheduled to fly on doomed Malaysian Airlines flights MH370 and MH17 until he changed his plans at the last minute. The first time, Jonge decided to change his tickets to an earlier flight, and at a later attempt to travel to Kuala Kumpur from Amsterdam he exchanged his ticket after finding a cheaper flight. Jonge must consider himself lucky now since he wouldn’t be here with us if he decided to get on either of those two planes.

5. Eduardo Leite

A construction worker from Brazil, Eduardo Leite cheated death after a 6-foot iron bar fell five floors, pierced his hardhat and entered his skull. From this accident, Leite was in danger of losing an eye and being paralyzed down one side of his body had the iron bar been a few centimeters closer to an important area of the brain. After a 5-hour surgery, he was saved with just a little pain on the head, and stayed in hospital for two weeks. Hospital spokesmen even said that it was a miracle he survived.

6. Frane Selak

Frane Selak has been through a series of misfortunes throughout his life but this didn’t prevent him from winning £60,000 on the lottery. After having survived a plane and a train crash, and coming out alive out of two exploding cars, he decided to stay away from any means of transport and try his luck for the last time. Check out this video to meet the world’s luckiest unlucky person who managed to escape death seven times and win the lottery!

7. Casey Wagner

Texan Casey Wagner decided to go out when it started to rain, so he ran for cover under a tree. That was when he saw a lightning bolt coming his way and, before he could do anything, he was being electrocuted. Right when he thought he was going to die, another lightning bolt came in and shocked his whole body. After this lucky escape from death, Wagner said that he was given a second chance and that he would start going to church more often.

8. Betty Lou Oliver

Back in 1945, when a B-25 bomber crashed into the Empire State Building, elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver was severely injured and needed medical help. In order to get her to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible, rescuers put her back in the elevator. But then the cables snapped after being affected by the plane’s impact and sent Betty to the tall building’s basement. Betty survived for the second time on the dame day and earned a Guinness Record for the longest survived elevator fall – 75 floors!

9. Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan suffered a fatal heart attack after he got involved in a serious car accident. For 14 minutes, he was thought to be dead. Morgan was revived but remained in a coma for 12 days. Family members refused to take him off life support and Morgan woke up a year later. He steadily recovered from what happened in that tragic event. Not only did Morgan do the impossible and return to the living, he also won two lottery tickets soon after his recovery and won more than $170,000!

10. Juliane Koepcke

On Christmas Eve, 1971, Juliane Koepcke was travelling with her mother on an airplane when it got struck by lightning and exploded in midair. While you would have thought this would instantly kill her, it didn’t, and instead sent her into the Peruvian jungle. Since she was still sitting on her seat and had her seatbelt on, Juliane only got minor injuries all over her body. Having survived an explosion and a fall from 10,000 feet, this was truly a miracle!

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Do you know of any other lucky survivors who have managed to cheat death after a deadly accident? Let us know what you know in the comments section below…