Top 10 Luxury Watches for the Uber Successful Man

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1. #10 TAG Heuer Carrera
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This stunning piece not only adds style to your look but it shows that you are on trend with the latest. With double anti-reflecting properties and luminescent hands, it has enhanced visibility and readability for the reader. The Carrera 16 Calibre shows the seconds, minutes as well as hours in its 30.4mm diameter. This watch is definitely for someone who wants to splurge on accessories but within a limited budget as the Carrera prices start at $5,545.

Being wealthy and successful are two things that give a man status. A person in power is expected that you portray this image. It really is about how people conceive you on a daily basis. If you wear a ill fitted shirt with a tacky tie and sandals to work, it is likely that you will be treated with the same informality. Swap this look with a power suit and polished shoes, and the whole way people communicate with you will change. Why? Because people address you according to the way you dress.

The whole concept of being a real businessman has undergone a major facelift, as dressing appropriately has become an art. All aspects of your outfit play an important part - from the shoes and tie, to the cufflinks and watch. Yes - the watch. Pulling a Robert Langdon and wearing a Mickey Mouse watch is just something a fictional character would do - not the extremely successful business man in New York.

Here are the top 10 luxury watches to sport with your power suit:




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