Top 10 Luxury Watches for the Uber Successful Man

Top 10 Luxury Watches for the Uber Successful Man

Being wealthy and successful are two things that give a man status. A person in power is expected that you portray this image. It really is about how people conceive you on a daily basis. If you wear a ill fitted shirt with a tacky tie and sandals to work, it is likely that you will be treated with the same informality. Swap this look with a power suit and polished shoes, and the whole way people communicate with you will change. Why? Because people address you according to the way you dress.

The whole concept of being a real businessman has undergone a major facelift, as dressing appropriately has become an art. All aspects of your outfit play an important part - from the shoes and tie, to the cufflinks and watch. Yes - the watch. Pulling a Robert Langdon and wearing a Mickey Mouse watch is just something a fictional character would do - not the extremely successful business man in New York.

Here are the top 10 luxury watches to sport with your power suit:

1. #10 TAG Heuer Carrera

This stunning piece not only adds style to your look but it shows that you are on trend with the latest. With double anti-reflecting properties and luminescent hands, it has enhanced visibility and readability for the reader. The Carrera 16 Calibre shows the seconds, minutes as well as hours in its 30.4mm diameter. This watch is definitely for someone who wants to splurge on accessories but within a limited budget as the Carrera prices start at $5,545.

2. #9 Asprey No. 8 Chronograph Round Yellow Gold, Black Dial

As a Swiss wristwatch, this product is one that combines luxury and status. The classic design with dark brown leather straps combined with a yellow gold dial exudes sophistication in an understated way. Offering its wearer up to 50m of water resistence, this creation by Asprey gives brands such as Chopard a run for its money - coming at the affordable price of $11,500.

3. #8 Chopard Mille Miglia 2012

This edition of Chopard comes in 18 karat rose gold and beautiful black straps that add to the elegance of the watch. The dial is bold, with large counters that are reminiscent of a car’s dashboard - a look that Chopard for going for with this piece. Get it custom fit and delivered at your door only for the price of $20, 880

4. #7 Arnold & Son DBG

Earning their name by creating luxury watches, Arnold & Son are known for their exuberant and unique style. The perfect symmetry of the DBG, along with its leather brown straps and gold dial are encased with a white background for the dials. This gives the watch a look that is sophisticated and elegant - something which is rarely combined in a wristwatch. Get this bad boy for $34, 000 from a provider near you!

5. #6 Patek Philippe Grand Complication

As a leading Swiss luxury watchmaker, Patek Phillipe is famous of the producing complex masterpieces that boast luxury. Having produced one of the most expensive watches of all time (a whopping $11,000,000 for the Supercomlication), it is truly an achievement to own one of the design from this brand. The Grand Celestial watches capture the sky and present charts of the lunar orbit, among other things. With prices starting at $194, 200 it is a watch well worth investing in.

6. #5 Bovet Fleurier Tourbillon Ottantadue

With price range between $203, 141 - $ 214, 121, the Bovet Fleurier Tourbillon Ottantadue is a testimony to expensive style. Released in 2012, the watch has garnered interest from the super rich across the globe as they compete to sport this masterpiece on their wrists.

7. #4 Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370

As a limited edition wristwatch that is the watch version of the Bugatti Type 370, it is a piece to celebrate the release of the Veyron 16.4 supercar. Available in white gold or rose gold, this watch amplifies the status of anyone sporting it. Studded with crystals and boasting the unique design of the car, the prices for this amazing piece starts at $274, 000.

8. #3 Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Minute Repeater

Could Gatsby even afford this kind of lavishness? The Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Repeater is one watch that lets you get into its head - literally. Created after hours of labor and careful delivery, this watch has a 30-jewel time piece and comes in rose gold with leather straps. Retail price starts at $484, 000.

9. #2 Richard Mille RM027 Rafael Nadal

As one of the most popular tennis players in the world, Nadal is a status symbol by himself. This sophisticated wristwatch by French businessman Richard Mille may be overpriced at $690, 000, however it is one that is worth its price tag. Made with titanium, aluminum lithium and copper, the watch has higher shock resistance and more flexibility - something that is important for sportsmen.

10. #1. Chopard 201-Karat Watch

Featuring for the second time on this list, Chopard takes the crown for producing one of the most expensive and extravagant watches ever. Despite its feminine look, the watch is a unisex product. Costing a monstrous $25, 000, 000 (yes - twenty five million dollars), the watch is covered in pink, blue and white diamonds that surround a yellow watch face.

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