Top 10 Manliest Jobs in the UK

As the gender equality debate continues to rage on unabated, a new survey has revealed the UK’s manliest jobs. The survey was commissioned by foul weather kit makers Stormline, and reveals that low-tech, physically demanding jobs are thought to be the most macho. Over one thousand UK adults took part in the study.

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The marine industry, with its high exposure to danger, solitude and inclement weather conditions, is considered to be the most masculine of industries, with engineering being seen as the manliest job with nearly nine out of ten respondents viewing it to be either “very manly” or “extremely manly”. Interestingly, only one ’office-based’ job appears on the list – most are outdoors-based. The study also reveals the characteristics of a manly job, according to the survey participants. Have a look at the results below to find out which jobs were considered to be the most masculine or ‘manly’.

1. Engineer

Engineers are problem solvers, designing and creating solutions to a range of problems. There are different branches of engineering including civil, mechanical and electronic engineering.

2. Infantry soldier

Infantry soldiers are foot soldiers trained in combat and in the use of arms. They experience the greatest number of casualties as a result.

3. Blacksmith

Blacksmiths are metalsmiths, who work primarily to create objects out of iron and steel, using a variety of tools at their disposal.

4. Motor mechanic

A motor mechanic diagnoses, repairs and maintains the engines of cars and other vehicles.

5. Chef

Chefs are professional cooks; they are also often the head cook in a restaurant or hotel.

6. Butcher

A butcher’s trade is cutting up and selling a variety of meats in a shop.

7. Private security contractor (e.g. door supervisor)

Private security contractors are typically unarmed workers whose primary role is to provide security services for their employer.

8. Arboriculturist (tree surgeon, lumberjack)

An arboriculturist or a lumberjack works in the logging industry; their primary role is to harvest and transport trees to be processed into forest products. Or, if you prefer, they fell trees and cut them into logs.

9. Surgeon

Surgeons perform invasive medical procedures which typically involve cutting up the body, whether that’s a human body or that of an animal, to diagnose, treat and, hopefully, cure medical problems.

10. Intelligence analyst

Intelligence analysts are usually employed by governments to stitch together pieces of information from a range of sources in order to identify and assess threats, and prevent attacks on their country. They are usually office-based, but they will also work in the field to accomplish their work.

What Were the Manliest Industries?

  1. Marine and fishing
  2. Military and defence
  3. Conservation
  4. Construction
  5. Intelligence
  6. Security
  7. Aviation
  8. Agriculture
  9. Brewing
  10. Medicine

What Makes a Job Manly?

Below are the percentage of respondents ranking each attribute as its manliest quality

  • Problem solving: 34%
  • Harshness of working conditions: 22%
  • Specialist uniform or workwear: 21%
  • High danger levels: 14%
  • High salary: 9%

If you’re looking to work in a manly world, head for the seas and make sure you’re well kitted out.

Are you surprised by any of the jobs or industries on this list? Share your comments below, please!