Top 10 Mantras for Career Success

The world is evolving fast and our aspirations change over time as we aim higher aspiring to reach new heights that will guarantee our success as professionals, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and so on. Success is something that we all pursue, but what success means to each of us is highly subjective. It may be just having a fulfilling job, gaining recognition as a guru in your area of expertise, work with a global giant or earning a lot of money. The truth is that no profession offers guaranteed success if you don’t have the right formula.

So what’s the secret for having a successful professional life? Take a look at these 10 mantras which can be the stepping stone for professional success.

Crush Your Weakness

Step back and take some time to discover your inner self. Think of what some of your weaknesses are. We as humans will never be perfect, but there is always room for improvement. Start with working on improving your self-confidence, because in fact we can be confident in one area of our life, but lack confidence in another. The key here is to defeat your weaknesses and work your way into building a dynamic character with powerful skills that would make you a highly marketable professional.

Decide to Succeed

Success often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, we cause it to happen, by believing it will come true. Dare to think big, success won’t come miraculously, you have to be determined to succeed and then work methodically to achieve your goals.

Be Bold

Career success does not come without courage and the right ethic to fight against tough challenges and insurmountable obstacles. Be resilient and never let fear stop you, because there’s always light at the end of every tunnel.

Be Proactive

Being proactive means using foresight to take control over your life. So instead of waiting for opportunities to come, you create your own events and opportunities. It also means that at every stage of your life, you actively take proactive steps that ensure your own professional growth. This approach will help you bounce back from a potential job loss or a derailed career path.

Never Stop Learning

At the heart of growing professionally and reinventing yourself as a brand is an unquenchable desire to learn and augment your skillset. Nowadays, with companies rising and falling in no time, career safety is not to be taken for granted, your job title could change next week. Embrace a student-like mindset and make self-education a daily habit.

Plan Your Career Smartly

No one else other than you is responsible to draft a career plan and execute it. In doing so, there’s no best way other than consulting with your manager or a mentor to help you with ideas of how to get the skills you need to add. Set realistic and measurable goals and enumerate the steps you will need to take to work towards achieving these goals. Make sure you constantly keep track of your progress and identify potential barriers and ways to overcome them.

Network with a Purpose

We are living in an age where who you know matters more than what you know. The value of forming and maintaining a strong circle of contacts is priceless. Engage in both internal and external networking. The first form of networking requires you to be visible and taking a positive stance when communicating with your coworkers. External networking on the other hand involves attending meetings and getting to know other people as well as benefiting from the information and knowledge that these people share with you.

Take Risks

An old adage that states “where there is no risk then there is no reward”. Enjoying a successful professional life all depends on the risks you choose to take. Step out of your comfort zone and look for new jobs and opportunities that will meaningfully broaden your career horizons and reap higher rewards.

Impossible is Nothing

This is just the kind of short-sighted mentality that you should definitely avoid if you aim higher in your career. If you struggle with hardships in your career that seem undefeatable, simply look for alternative solutions and work out different ‘escape plans’ in advance to effectively prevent potential crises.

Hard Work and Hardcore Fun

Working hard is important for your professional development, but it is equally important for depression. Work hard in the weekdays, party harder in the weekends.