Top 10 Memorable LinkedIn Headlines

Top 10 Memorable LinkedIn Headlines StepAhead

The headline is perhaps one of the most overlooked sections on our LinkedIn profiles. This 120 character hook tells people interested in you what you do and what experience and expertise you bring to a prospective employer. Simply put, it is your brand statement with which you can sell yourself, your stuff and your services.

A LinkedIn headline should be specific and speak directly to your target audience. As a result, it should contain the right keywords or phrases that that a potential recruiter or employer might be looking for. Last but not least, there’s not a single attention-grabbing headline that is not creative.

Find below, the top 10 most brilliant LinkedIn headlines from LinkedIn users around the world. Some are witty, some are memorable and others are more professional.

Left & right brain thinker

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

Giacomo Bracci Helsen, a Marketing and Advertising professional says he uses all of his brain when it comes to inventing new design strategies.

Bleeding for content

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

Gleen Le Santo, a savvy writer and editor in Lincoln, UK shows his passion about content creation with a brief but ingenious headline reading “Cut me and I bleed in content”.

The billion maker


Image source: LinkedIn insights

Bryan Franklin, a training and coaching professional in San Francisco, is looking for #8 company to be added in his billionaire client portfolio.

Publicity hound

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

Joan Stewart tells people to look no further than her if they need free publicity for a product, service, cause or issue. She describes herself as the publicity expert on Google and concludes her headline with a clear call-to-action message.

Wickless candles fun?

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

No, it’s not completely nonesense what you have just read! Rebecca Brown, a Marketing and Advertising professional used this unusual but intriguing headline to describe her passion in her chosen field.

An explicit value proposition

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

Ed han, a writer and editor in New York, felt there was no need to use wacky phrases or words to set forth what he can bring to an employer or prospective client. Instead, he opted for a clear message that shows clear value to the reader.

The Coolest guy…


Image source: LinkedIn insights

Mike Nacke claims to be the coolest guy in Nashville. Do you have any doubts?  Google it to see for your self! What an intriguing message to highlight your reputation and value in the market!.

The good recruiter is still alive!

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

Michael Bense, a recruitment expert amazingly demonstrates that he’s the epitome of a good recruiter, who fortunately is still alive!

The Michael Bay of Business


Image source: LinkedIn insights

The founder of If We Ran The World and Make Love Not Porn sums up her consulting approach as ‘I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business’. Gallop looks for clients who strive to change the game in their sector and adopt radical and innovative ways to do so.

Resisting to follow the herd

Image source: theundercoverrecruiter

Gordon Rae, a management consulting professional, humorously sets himself apart from the myriad of LinkedIn users who use clichés to highlight their skills and qualities.

Well, these are just a few of the most creative taglines that appeared on LinkedIn users’ profiles. Get some inspiration from how people worded their message to craft your own winning selling proposition.