Top 10 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World

Abandoned Places

There are many beautiful destinations in the world that few people have ever had the privilege to visit. Although currently abandoned, when you visit these locations you can still feel the energy of the place that once has been incredibly busy and full of lights.

But then again, perhaps this is the reason these places have become so visually beautiful and untouched by humans for many decades. Today these sites constitute some of the most spectacular and breath-taking sceneries on earth.

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Let’s go over the list of the top ten most truly beautiful abandoned places around the world:

#1 Wonderland Amusement Park, Beijing, China

Originally intended to be the biggest amusement park in all Asia, Beijing’s Wonderland was never completed as construction was halted due to a dispute between the developers and landowners in 1998. Many believe that the abandonment of such a massive construction project might have been related to the existence of a property bubble in China. Either way, what could have been a place full of cheerful kids wondering around happily is now a place full of incomplete structures and ruins most of which have been demolished. 

#2 Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany

Beelitz-Heilstaten is the military hospital where Hitler was treated for his injuries in 1916, during World War I. Originally designed to be a sanatorium, it turned out to be a rather large hospital complex that consisted of 60 buildings. While many attempts were made to put this complex in operation again, none were successful, and it was abandoned in 2000. Some sections though are still in use for research purposes. This place is often visited by tourists, and it was even used during the filming of the famous movie The Pianist.

#3 Kolmanskop, Namib Desert

Nambi’s deserted village has long been abandoned. Since 1954, the village houses have been absorbing the Namibian sand and attracting haunted spirits – or so they say.  This place used to be a very rich mining village. But now it has become a popular destination for tourists and photographers who want to visit the place just to get a close-up shot of the ghost town.

#4 Sunken yacht in Antartica

This 76-foot sunken yacht named Mar Sem Fim (Endless Sea) is owned by Brazilian journalist Joao Lara Mesquita. While traveling around Antartica in 2012, for the purpose of filming a documentary, the yacht sunk to the bottom of the ocean and then froze. This photo is rather creepy, but astonishing at the same time.

#5 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

National Geographic describes the place as the lost city of Angkor Wat. Built in the 9th and 15th century Angkor Wat is now a UNESCO world heritage site. There are several theories that can explain Angkor Wat’s abandonment that range from war, invasions, natural disasters, an inability to maintain the ancient structures as well as the erosion of the state religion. What is left at the location after all these years are temple ruins that still look incredibly impressive.

#6 Chernobyl, Ukraine

After the catastrophic nuclear meltdown in 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was completely abandoned. The most disastrous nuclear event in history caused the release of massive waves of radioactivity into the atmosphere that spread throughout Europe. During the accident, 31 people died, and many others have probably been affected with serious long-term diseases.

#7 Mirny Diamond Mine, Russia

Located in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia this open-pit diamond mine is 525 metres deep and 1,200 metres wide which makes it the second largest excavated hole in the world after the Bingham Canyon Mine. In fact, the hole is so big that helicopters can’t fly above it out of fear of being sucked down by the downward air flow that it creates. From its first day of operation in 1957 until 2004, the mine produced millions of diamonds.

#8 Maunsell Forts, Sealand, UK

These army-style Maunsell forts were built during the World War II to help defend the United Kingdom. Named after their designer Guy Maunsell, these unique buildings located in the Sea served as army and navy forts until the late 1950s when they started operating as pirate radio broadcasting stations. The Red Sand Radio had its base in these forts in 2007-08, but when the premises were considered to be unsafe they moved to Whitstable.

#9 Craco, Italy

Craco, which is located in Basilicata in southern Italy, is now considered to be a ghost town. The town was abandoned due to natural disasters including severe floods and earthquakes that made it impossible for inhabitation. The place today is a major tourist attraction and filming location and has been the setting for many movies.

#10 Sanzhi UFO Houses, Taiwan

When construction for the Sanzi Pod City began in 1978, these UFO-style houses were intended to be sold to US military officers as holiday resorts. Two years later though the project was left uncompleted due to lack of investment and a number of deaths reported during its construction. This deserted complex is considered to be the “ruins of the future” because of its futuristic architecture style that makes it look well ahead of its time.

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If you enjoy traveling, perhaps you can visit these places for yourself and experience the magic behind these abandoned, but beautiful structures.

Have you ever visited any of these places? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below…