Top 10 Most Crazy Guinness World Records of All Times

Setting or breaking a Guinness World Record is every kid’s dream. Nowadays, all it takes is a unique talent, a lot of creativity and sometimes thousands of people. Records are being set and broken on a daily basis, but it takes someone special to set these unique and crazy records. From power drilling a metal coil through body parts to convincing thousands of people to dress up as cows, here are 10 of the craziest Guinness World Records.

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1. World's Fastest Toilet

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This record isn’t the first for Colin Furze as he holds several other world records including world’s largest bonfire. The world’s fastest toilet comes complete with a 140cc engine which propels the toilet up to speeds of 55 miles per hour. The toilet is also useable, featuring a button on the handlebars that flushes while you are on the move. As an added bonus, there is a clip on the front to hold any magazine or book you may want to read while you happen to be speeding down the road. 

2. Most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute

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Lindsey Lindberg of Italy is the proud record holder, crushing an amazing 10 apples with her bicep in just one minute. She took the record in July of 2014 and so far no one has been able to beat it. Lindberg was once a graduate student studying religion but has since found her true passion and currently travels the world as a circus strong woman. 

3. Most Piercings in a Single Count


Elaine Davidson holds this record for the most amount of piercings in a single count. The total at the time of the record count was 463 back in 2000. The breakdown is 192 piercings on her facial area, 56 piercings on her body, 214 adorning her pubic area (internal and external) and 30 piercings on her tongue. Davidson has held the record for 15 years and estimates to have over 9,000 piercings at this current time.


4. Largest Playing Card Structure

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Bryan Berg from the USA is the proud holder of this record after he completed the card structures of the The Venetian Macao, The Plaza Macao and Sands Macao. The process took him 44 days and took over 218,000 playing cards. An architect by trade, Berg is the only person who is known to make a living from building structures with freestanding playing cards using no glue, tricks or adhesives. He is known all over the world and has appeared on international and US television shows all while holding numerous card building world records. 

5. Largest Gathering of People Wearing only Underpants/Knickers

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It was at the Utah Undie Run in Salt Lake City in the year of 2011 where 2,270 people gathered to break the world record, all in their underpants. Participants gathered in a single area before the run in order to meet record guidelines.  The event was organised to challenge the perception that Utah is an uptight state. This record has since been challenged, but so far Utah is holding strong and we doubt anyone is calling them uptight anymore.


6. Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Cows

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This is an actual world record and a total of 1352 people dressed as cows in order to set it. The record was set in Australia during their annual Deja Moo Country Fair in July 2014. This South West town in Australia was already home to 32 cow statues and thought it would be fun to be an official ’cow town’. Where in the world they got all these costumes is what we really want to know. 

7. Most Naked Riders on a Theme Park Ride

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In August 2010 there was a record set in the United Kingdom at Adventure Island. This record is certainly strange, as people decided to bare all and hop aboard the Green Scream Rollercoaster. 40 naked people could ride at a time and in total 102 people participated. It was for a good cause as they raised money for breast cancer research, but all in all this is one of the craziest records out there. We imagine this record will not be broken for some time. 

8. Fastest Time to Drink a Bottle of Ketchup


This record really throws us for a loop. Who would want to drink an entire bottle of ketchup through a straw? The answer is German TV reporter, Benedikt Weber. Weber managed to drink 14 ounces of ketchup via a straw in just 32.37 seconds. This televised event took place at a diner in Germany for an infotainment program. We don’t imagine this record to be very enjoyable, but we are sure others will attempt to break it. 

9. Most Knives Thrown Around a Human Target in One Minute

One would have to be pretty brave to volunteer to be a human target. The record for the most knives thrown around a human target in one minute was set by Dr David R. Adamovich aka The Great Throwdini way back in 2007. Adamovich managed to throw 102 14’’ throwing knives around his partner, Tina Nagy in just one minute. He is no stranger to breaking and setting world records as he holds the title of over 40 Guinness World Records. Adamovich’s knives can be found on display in Canada and Russia. 

10. Longest Metal Coil Passed through the Nose and out of the Mouth

Andrew Stanton of the USA set this record on March 31st, 2012. What this record involved was Stanton literally threading a metal coil through his nose and mouth. He uses a greased power drill to thread it through his body parts. Stanton is no stranger to extreme acts though as he currently works as a sideshow performer in Las Vegas and goes by the name, Mr. Screwface. Stanton is also known for his incredibly strong eye sockets and has been featured on National Geographic. 

These records were set by a lot of determination, sweat and planning. It seems that people will do just about anything to have their name and picture in a Guinness World Record Book. The questions we must ask are; are all these records worthy of being records? And just how crazy to you have to be to try and break these records?