Top 10 Most Famous Universities For Medicine in the US

A degree in medicine equips students with right kind of practical skills so that they can strengthen their medical professional lives. Students worldwide choose this field with several things in mind such as serving the humanity, and making a lifetime prosperous career. Pursuing a graduate degree in medicine helps you hone hidden capabilities; medical colleges and universities train the students for direct interaction with patients, and teach them different techniques to cure diseases.

If you’re looking to become a doctor or nurse, then here are the 10 finest universities for medicine in USA:

1. Stanford University

Stanford University is situated between San Francisco and San Jose. Its School of Medicine was founded in 1909, and since then the university has produced over 5000 students. Hundreds of pupils submit their applications in its M.B.B.S. and M.D. programs every year, the merit for which is very high. The approximate tuition fee $46,744 for graduate in medicine.

2. University of California

The Toland Medical College joined University of California back in 1864, and now is operating in more than seven medical colleges in San Francisco and Fresno. The university permits around 600 students to get enrolled in its medical colleges. Obtaining a degree can open up the doors of a successful career for you; the approximate tuition fee is $24,856 for Californians and $45,101 for students of other states.

3. Washington University

Founded in 1891, Washington University’s School of Medicine has a history of producing finest doctors and nurses in America. Its school not only deals in traditional medical degrees but also certification and diploma courses in biological sciences, physiology, and biochemistry are offered. The university’s tuition fee for graduate in medicine is around $50,510.

4. Harvard University

The medical school of Harvard University provides quality educational and experimental facilities to its pupils. Currently the school is offering M.B.B.S., M.D., and several short paramedical courses. The advantages of getting enrolled in this school are reasonable tuition fee ($34,200), state-of-the-art facilities, professional learning environment, and top notch research facilities.

5. John Hopkins University

Admissions at John Hopkins University’s medical college remain available from July to September for degree programs, while the short courses can be availed online anytime throughout the year. Founded in 1876 by Hopkins, a Baltimore entrepreneur, the college is a strong private sector medical research center that has received 37 Nobel Prizes. The approximate tuition fee for an M.D. program is $41,600.

6. University of Pennsylvania

The Perelman School of Medicine is the oldest medical school of USA, founded in 1765. The school enrolls 650 students in its M.D. and M.B.B.S programs every year. The school also offers Ph.D., certificates and distance-learning diploma courses in basic health sciences. Its approximate tuition fee is $46,498.

7. Yale University

Yale University was established in 1810 and its Yale School of Medicine started operating in 1815. Currently, the school has 25 National Academy of Sciences members, and enrolls hundreds of students in its degree programs and certifications. The tuition is around $51,560.

8. Columbia University

The College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University is situated in the WashingtonHeights. It is the first college of America to be permitted to award M.D. degree. Columbia University’s drug and alcohol abuse program has also been successful worldwide. The college’s tuition fee for M.D. program is approximately $47,400.

9. Duke University

The School of Medicine at Duke University provides its students a chance to enjoy on-job training, which is a part of its five years degree program. For the first four years, classes and lab experiments are held, while for the final year the students are taken to teaching hospitals for professional training. The tuition is around $52,261.

10. University of Chicago 

The Pritzker School of Medicine at University of Chicago was founded in 1927. It has received more than 10 Nobel Prizes; students must complete mentored projects in one of its several specialized areas before obtaining graduation degree– forensic sciences, medical education, quality and safety, community health studies, health management, global healthcare, and bioinformatics. The approximate tuition fee is $44,294.

Historically, Bachelor of Medicine was the primary medical degree conferred by American institutions, but the above universities have several other programs for their national and international students. What do you think about these institutions? Share your comments!




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