Top 10 Most Innovative Jobs 2015


Innovation and creativity are timeless. Having career paths that require these two aspects require that you are always aggressive, thoughtful and ready to come up with tremendous improvements and discoveries. Here is a list of the most innovative careers for 2015 that will leave your mind stimulated and thinking of better innovations.

1. Game Designers

Game designers create games for mobile phones, PCs and many other electronic gadgets. The growing trend in the gaming world requires frequent innovations and inventions to match the needs of people. Game designers are always kept on their toes thinking of better innovations to showcase. Games get a little boring when played over time, which calls for fresh ideas to keep the audience interested and fascinated.

2. Architects

Architects are always thinking of better innovations. They are always thinking of various better designs and innovations. Architecture is quite involving and needs extremely creative minds. Creativity and physics have to blend perfectly to create a strong building or structure that commands attention. To achieve this, you need to be extremely innovative and creative.

3. Information Technologists

Information technology is a broad field and an umbrella name for many technology-related careers. IT experts are always innovative and creative, coming up with latest gadgets, technologies and much more. The pressure to meet the growing demands of the consumers leaves an IT guru creative and thinking of better innovations.

4. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers have tons of designs to put in place. A lot of creativity is needed to make a product look unique, interesting and captivating. This industry is crowded with innovations day in, day out. If you have a keen eye for detail and you are ready to think out of the box, then this job is most appealing to you.

5. Art Directors

Art directors need to develop interesting and captivating design concepts that appear in both print and digital media. The competitive world requires you to be at par with the current trends and always be on the lookout for any creative innovations. The more creative you are, the more marketable and relevant you become.

6. Interior Designers

Interior designers have a keen eye for detail, and they always have a way of incorporating different textures, colors, lighting and space. Changing trends and demands keep designers on their toes. Again, the pressure to produce customized designs and creations may be quite demanding and requires a lot of innovations.

7. Advertising Specialists

Advertisements never run out of season. The market is ever-changing, hence creating an increasing demand for innovation in advertisements. Creative individuals always find this field both interesting and entertaining at the same time. Advertisement is a form of marketing and the more innovative it is, the more appealing the product and the service is to the clients.

8. Public Relations Specialists

Public relations specialists are often tasked with generating positive publicity to maintain a good rapport with clients. This line of work needs one to always be creative and think of ways of generating publicity. The most challenging part of the job is that all people need to be impressed, and a large scope of clients has to be kept interested in the company.

9. Marketing Experts

Marketers are always on the move for a product to sell. As a result, new ways of making it appealing to the consumer have to be discovered. Most businesses require innovative and creative marketing professionals to increase sales. Marketers are the determiners of success of most businesses. They determine whether a project can be embraced or rejected by the market.

10. Social Media Managers

The world is going digital, and it is often seen as a global village, thanks to the Internet. Social media has created an avenue for marketing and selling. Companies are forced to keep up with the pressure to maintain a good social image. This need has given birth to an increase in demand for social media managers to create creative content to keep up with the pressure.

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There are many careers in the world that demand frequent innovations and creativity to keep the industry alive. Any career path may require you to think out of the box to keep consumers interested in your product. In a world full of competition, it would be best to match the demands of consumers by meeting their expectations. Most art oriented careers expose you to limitless bolts of creativity. Innovation and creativity often work hand in hand; creative brains are usually the most innovative.




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