Top 10 Most Popular Hourly Paid Jobs in the US

Hourly vs. salary: which is better? This is the question you ask yourself when presented with two job offers that pay a fixed hourly rate and a fixed monthly salary. Ultimately, the one you choose depends on several factors, including your personal financial flexibility.

If you belong to the group of workers who prefer hourly jobs, then here are the most popular options in the US.

1. Construction Worker

Construction Workers

Many construction workers are paid on an hourly basis mainly because construction projects are time-sensitive. As such, construction companies or contractors find it feasible to hire construction workers who’re paid on an hourly basis. In this position, your job will be to perform a range of construction tasks, from operating hand and power tools digging trenches. According to Payscale, the average hourly rate for construction workers is $14.59.

2. Call Center Representative

call center representative

If you want a job that pays an hourly rate and enables you to work from home, then you should become a call center representative. Paying an average hourly rate of $12, the job involves answering customer inquiries, escalating complaints to supervisors and forwarding customer requests to relevant departments. Top employers include telecommunication companies, airlines and emergency response centers.

3. Delivery Driver

delivery driver

When business is slow, delivery companies, especially the small and emerging ones, only have a few packages to deliver. So there is no point having full-time delivery drivers. For an experienced driver with a need for extra income, this job presents the best opportunity to earn an additional buck by the hour. Payscale reports that delivery drivers earn an average hourly rate of $12.

4. Medical Assistant

medical assistants

Hourly jobs are available in the health industry too. As a medical assistant, your work will be to help physicians and other medical specialists in providing healthcare services to patients. Since offices of physicians and other medical specialty practices open till late and during weekend, it makes sense to have assistants on hourly pay. According to, the hourly wage for medical assistants is $16.

5. Grounds Maintenance Worker

cutting trees

Parks, businesses and other facilities need grounds maintenance workers to ensure the outdoor environment is orderly, pleasant and attractive. Grounds are usually maintained during specific times during the day, so hourly jobs are very common in this occupation. If you want this job, the BLS says you should expect to earn an hourly wage of about $15.70.

6. Retail Sales Associate

sales retail seller

Although many sales professionals earn a sales commission on top of a fixed salary, fierce market competitions has forced some retail businesses to hire sales associates on an hourly pay structure. The job of sales associates is to provide product information to customers who visit the store, maintain positive relationships and strive to ensure the customer purchases the product. Sales associates earn an average hourly rate of $9, according to Payscale.

7. Bartenders


In most states, bars must observe specific opening and closing times. Deprived of the opportunity to operate for 24 hours, it makes perfect sense to hire hourly bartenders. If you fancy this job, then your duties will include taking orders from patrons, serving them drinks, preparing cocktails and verifying that customers meets the legal drinking age. Payscale notes that bartenders earn an hourly wage of $7.

8. Food Service Worker

2 broke girls

Unlike bars, restaurants are free to remain open for business for as long as they wish. In cities and other busy areas, it is not uncommon to find food establishments that operate for 24 hours. It is for this reason that many of these facilities hire food service workers on an hourly pay structure. These workers’ job involves cleaning work areas, preparing food and serving customers. The hourly rate for food service workers is $9, Payscale notes.

9. Computer Support Specialists

Computer specialist

Another popular hourly paid job is that of computer support specialists. They work for computer manufacturers and other organizations that offer computer-related services. Since these specialists are often required to be available for 24 hours a day, employers find it more efficient to pay them on an hourly basis. As per the BLS, the mean hourly wage for computer support specialists is $22.29.

10. Administrative Assistant

Madame Secretary

To windup this top-tenner are administrative assistants. Most hourly-paid jobs for these assistants are typically available in small to medium-sized businesses during busy business periods. Their roles include answering phone calls, filling records and running errands for their bosses. According to Payscale, administrative assistants make $14 hourly.

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So, if you are looking for a job that enables you to earn more when you put in more work hours, you already know the jobs to go for.

Do you know of any other hourly-paid jobs that are popular among Americans? Please share with us in the comments section below.