Top 10 Most Popular Selfie Spots in the World


Thanks to its popularity, the selfie stick enables travelers all over the world to capture pictures of themselves in front of prominent sights, without their arm being in the photo – as if someone else is taking the photo.  The UK-based site has recently revealed the most popular attractions in the world for taking selfies.

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Based on an analysis of 219 million Instagram photos tagged with the word “selfie”, the study revealed the following places as the most popular for “selfie addicts”:

#1. Eiffel Tower - Paris (10,700 hits)

This comes as no surprise! The Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most popular landmarks, is also the most “selfied”.

#2.  Disney World – Florida (9,870 hits) 

From the Magic Kingdom to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, Disney World provides an abundance of great selfie options. The theme park ranks second in the world for selfies.

#3. Burj Khalifa – Dubai (8,860 hits)

Burj Khalifa, is the world’s tallest building and a world-class attraction in the cosmopolitan center of Dubai. It is over 828 metres tall (roughly 2,716 feet). While it is superlative in every respect, its unique design, both interior and exterior, is the key to its attractiveness, making it Dubai’s crown jewel.

#4. Big Ben – London  (8,780 hits)

London’s iconic clock tower (initially known as Great Bell) was completed in 1859. Big Ben features 4 clock dials with a diameter of 7m. The minute hands are made of copper sheet, weigh 100kg and are 4.2 meters long. The hour hands are made of gun metal, weigh 300kg and are 2.7 meters long. In 2012, the Clock Tower was renamed the Elizabeth Tower to honour Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

#5. Empire State Building – New York (8,430 hits)

New York’s famous attraction is more than a mere landmark. The Empire State Building offers a unique immersive experience including observation decks on the 86 floor, the Dare to Dream exhibit located on the 80th floor and much more engaging attractions.

#6. Sagrada Familia – Barcelona (4,970 hits)

Sagrada Familia is perhaps Gaudi’s most prominent architectural works and has become a huge landmark in Barcelona. The project of La Sagrada Famiglia was initiated in 1882 by architect Francisco de Paula del Villar, but then Gaudi was commissioned to carry on the works, which he continued until his death in 1926.

#7. Disneyland – Paris (4,740 hits)

 The centerpieces of Disneyland Paris, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Sleeping Beauty Castle are key hotspots for selfies!

#8. Colosseum – Rome (4,670 hits)

The Flavius amphitheater is the biggest and most imposing Roman building that held numerous great fights, shows and hunts. The Colosseum has 80 arched entrances and could accommodate up to 55,000 spectators. Now it is Rome’s top attraction and it is a popular spot for costumed gladiators to take a selfie.

#9. Top of the Rock – New York (4,290 hits)


Top of the Rock is a three level observation deck occupying the 67th, 69th and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan. It offers stunning views of the Empire State Building and Central Park and hence it’s an amazing spot to take a selfie with a view!

#10. London Bridge – London (3,820 hits)

London Bridge is one of London’s most iconic attractions with a total length of 269 meters. While the bridge itself does not offer much to photograph, the crossing offers spectacular views of Tower Bridge as well as the Shard.

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Well, these are just a few of the most popular attractions travelers have chosen to take a selfie. Other popular landmarks included Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Statue of Liberty and so on.