Top 10 Most Stressful Careers 2015

Do you feel as if your job is the most stressful job on the planet right now? It is human nature to think that the grass is always greener on the other side and to conclude that on your side, there is no green grass or any grass at all. However, eliminating all personal feelings and experiences aside, you must agree with me that some jobs are far more stressful than most other jobs out there; including the one you are doing now. Some jobs are simply more dangerous, strenuous, draining, and complicated when you compare them to other jobs.

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Therefore, in light of the different aspects that make a job so stressful, think about and answer this question truthfully. On a scale of one to ten, how dangerous, complicated, strenuous, or draining is your job? If your job is not so bad after all, then all you need is to learn the secret to reduce stress at your workplace and everything will be fine. Here are some really stressful careers, some of which everyone expects to be on this list, and a few that will definitely surprise you.

1. Firefighter


Without a doubt, the most stressful job you can be in today is that of a firefighter. When a firefighter receives a call, chances are that he or she will be headed to the scene of the fire or the life threatening disaster, as fast as the fire engine can take him or her, with no assurance that they will come back. Fighting fire or trying to rescue people where natural disasters have struck is very risky business, because there are very high chances that the fire or the disaster can get the best of you and end your life in an instant. A firefighter is expected to show up wherever any natural disaster strikes or where they need to supply medical attention, circumstances that are so stressful and extreme. Their quick response and quick thinking on their feet will either save or lose a life; can you deal with such stress?

2. Military Personnel

A military personnel is a man or a woman who is always ready to put his or her life on the line for his or her country, a job that is both noble and worthy of praise. The military protects the country from domestic and external threats, attacks that have the ability to cripple the nation and put the lives of all the citizens in danger. In addition to putting their lives on the line every time they go for a mission, military personnel often have to travel to remote and very harsh environments in order to execute their orders. These men and women have to spend extended periods away from their family and loved ones, and almost always have to deal with the trauma of having to lose a team member or a part of their body, all in the name of protecting their country. Can you deal with the pressure involved here?

3. Airline Pilot

Most people would leave their jobs in a heartbeat, given the opportunity to become airline pilots. From a distance, a pilot’s job is one of the best jobs in the world, because it comes with numerous advantages including a very reasonable pay package. Furthermore, thanks to advancements in technology in features such as the autopilot, it might seem as though the pilot’s main job is to keep his or her eye on some instruments in the cockpit and enjoy every flight. However, it would surprise you to find out that being an airline pilot is one of the most stressful jobs out there, owing to the risks involved, if the slightest problem were to occur. A pilot knows that he or she is in charge of thousands of lives every month, knowledge that is enough to stress anyone up.

4. Police Officer

Running police officer

A career in law enforcement undeniably deserves a spot in this list, because unless you have a special calling to serve and protect, you will wake up every morning, dreading why you are in that profession. Police officers put their lives on the line every day in their attempts to maintain law and order, at the same time protecting the rights of every citizen. Human beings are naturally inclined to rebellion, violence, and misconduct, bad qualities that the police have to deal with on a daily basis. This is clearly a stressful career to be in, especially because the police know that we all know the laws of the land, yet we break the laws deliberately and do everything we can to hide from the law. If you were given an opportunity to become a police officer, would you take it?

5. Doctor or Nurse

When it comes to pressure at the workplace, few careers can compare to what doctors and nurses have to deal with, on a daily basis. People rush their sick and injured to hospital, with the hope that the doctor will perform a miracle in saving their lives, and that the nurses will nurse their loved ones to perfect health by the end of the next day. More often than not, patients do not recover at the pace we hope them to, and even in many circumstances, patients die even after receiving the best possible care. Since doctors and nurses are aware of the reality of every situation, the pressure that they get from the patients and their families for them to deliver perfect results can get unbearable. Can you imagine the pressure you would get if a dying man was brought to your doorstep for you to cure him because you are the only option that this man’s friends and family have? That is exactly what doctors and nurses go through every day.

6. Actor

You might not have expected to find this profession on this list, but the reality is that acting can be really stressful. Most of us love watching movies with our favourite characters in them, or popular plays at our favourite theatres. What we might not always realize though is that there is so much work that goes into making that play or movie into a hit. The actors, the directors, and everyone else involved in any production must go through a lot of stress before the finished product hits the stage or the screens, stress that we never get to see. Most actors today face the challenge of hunting down auditions, trying to impress the directors, fitting into roles that might not be so comfortable with them, and gaining favour with the audiences. With so many people wanting to live the ’Hollywood celebrity lifestyle’, the pressure that every actor has to go through to even get a single role ends up being too much.

7. Event Coordinator

events manager

Few people have the courage to be event coordinators because the job is extremely stressful, to say the least. An event coordinator has to make sure that everything works out flawlessly, failure to which will result into a significant reduction in his or her pay for that gig, together with getting a bad reputation for their work. Regardless of how complicated or ’high profile’ an event is, the event coordinator’s responsibility begins long before the event. An event coordinator will have to be present during the event to ensure that everything goes according to plan, and he or she will stay long after the event just to make sure that all matters are settled according to the contracts. An event coordinator will receive the heat in case anything goes wrong, but hardly will he or she get the glory for a successful event.

8. Miners

Are you claustrophobic? Do you survive well in places with a low supply of oxygen? Are you comfortable working for hours being underground, where you will hardly experience any sunlight? Are you okay with the fact that you can get trapped at your place of work with little chance of rescue before you die of starvation and suffocation? If you are not comfortable with any of the above, then you cannot be a miner, and you need to develop a new respect for miners because the above is what they have to go through every day. A miner’s work is tremendously hard, strenuous, risky, it can end any time the minerals are exhausted, and it does not pay that well.

9. Taxi Drivers

You might be tempted to think that driving a taxi is the easiest job out there because all you need is a driving license and a car, right? Well, it is not as easy as you might think, because this job is riskier than most other jobs on this list. Taxi drivers never get to choose who enters the back seat of their cars, and it can be anyone, including robbers, murderers, rapists, or serial killers looking for their next victims. Taxi drivers have to drive to whatever location their clients ask them to, and this can include dark and dangerous sections of town where the driver can lose much more than his or her car. Furthermore, this job can also get frustrating when the taxi driver is trapped for hours in a traffic jam or is burning fuel for hours driving around looking for a client without much success.

10. Corporate Executives

Most people dream of starting their own businesses that they hope will grow into huge and very profitable organizations. However, as much as there are numerous advantages to being so successful in business, the stress that comes with managing such a business can throw you over the edge. A big business has many stake holders, and all of them will expect you to perform better every year. Your employees will look up to you and judge you on everything you do, your clients will expect you to over deliver on the promises you make, the government will monitor you closely with regard to taxes and the legitimacy of your business, and your competitors will come up with similar and rival products to edge you out of the market. Do you think you can deal with the above stress?

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The above might be some of the most stressful careers out there, but it is important to realize that the level of stressfulness will also depend on an individual. Some people will prefer to work as a firefighter or be sent out on assignment in a war zone, as opposed to working in a stress-free environment offering the same pay and benefits. However, it is also very important for us to appreciate other people and the professions they are in; you can never fully understand what they have to go through each day. Start doing things a bit differently at work, and you will be surprised as to how much less stress you will be dealing with. 

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