Top 10 Most Striking Things About Joan Rivers' Career Success

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1. 1. She was always looking for new frontiers
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Rivers never accepted being called a “pioneer” in her industry. Instead she was saying that she is “still in the trenches”. She was taking a humble and down-to-earth approach to her success saying “I’m still breaking ground. I have never spent two minutes saying, ’Well, I just did that.’ I’m still looking for the new frontier. I’m still in my astronaut suit.”

Joan Rivers, the comedic legend has passed away, leaving a remarkable legacy in the worldwide entertainment industry. Her career saw numerous personal and professional challenges, but eventually Rivers managed to overcome all the obstacles and stay on top of her game to become one of America’s most successful and cherished comedians. Here are some facts that determined her career success and hopefully you can apply them to your own professional lives.  




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