Top 10 Most Terrifying Places on Earth to Work

The scariest thing most of us have to contend with at work is the prospect of a broken coffee machine, a co-worker’s terrible new dye job or facing the office after a particularly embarrassing cocktails sesh. But when you’re fretting over these minor incidents, remember that there’s somebody out there in the world who has it much, much worse.

10. Charles C. Carson Centre for Mortuary Affairs

The thought of working at a morgue would send shivers down anybody’s spine, let alone working at the US Department of Defense’s largest morgue. In 2011, there was a scandal at the port mortuary in Dover, Delaware concerning the mishandling of soldiers’ remains after an overwhelming influx of bodies. All in all, it just doesn’t seem like a very nice place to be at all.

9. In the Elephant Enclosure

If you keep wild animals in captivity for long enough, of course they’re going to kick off – just saying! Between 1990 and 2013, 16 people have been killed by elephants in American zoos.

8. Google’s Street View Car

Praise be to Google for helping us find where we need to go on a daily basis. They’ve mapped out the world for us, including a street view option. But if you think about it, the person who drove the street view car to capture the imagery must have had to pass through some dingy, desolate and dire places. A Reddit user spotted an image on street view of some youths hanging out with a gun in Detroit. Eek!

7. The Shard

The building towers 300 meters above the city of London and somebody has to clean those windows. In 2012, just before it opened, emergency services had to rescue a window cleaner who got stuck way up on the seventy-second floor.

6. At a Crime Scene

The people that have to do the grossest, scariest part of working a crime scene are most definitely the cleaners. These guys are called ’crime scene decontamination experts’ and must have seen all sorts. One such specialist has described how he had to clean up a trailer after a body, that was swarming with flies and maggots, had been sitting there for two months.

5. Broadcast Towers

If you have a fear of heights, it’s best not to even think about the technicians who scramble their way up into the clouds to work on a broadcast tower. To give you an idea of how tall they actually are, there’s one in Dubai that’s over 2,700 feet tall.

4. Down the Mines

In 2010, Chilean miners were rescued after being stuck underground for 69 days. It’s safe to say that being a miner is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and it is certainly not for the claustrophobic.

3. Pedrinhas Prison, Brazil

Working with dangerous criminals is never going to be fun, but this place is just ridiculously terrifying. With regular rioting and gang violence being commonplace, the guards must be as terrifying as the inmates to be able to deal! Oh, and there’s that little matter of 75 people being killed inside the jail since 2013, including three beheadings.

2. Where There’s a Bomb Threat

With public safety resting in your hands, it’s safe to say that things must get a little bit tense working for the bomb squad. There’s no paying attention to the human flight instinct when you’re working in bomb disposal at, say, a hospital, school or busy city.

1. Ebola Treatment Units, Liberia

You have to give the doctors, nurses and other volunteers who have headed over to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak their dues. When the virus was spreading like wildfire, they were there on the frontline, risking their own health for the sake of others. Read Dr. Kwan Kew Lai’s blog about her experiences at a unit in Bong County here.

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