Top 10 Movies that Make You Want to Travel

The silver screen has always captured our imaginations and taken our minds to new places. Movies generally have the capacity to transport us to the settings and surroundings of those we see on the screen, even though, physically, we haven’t moved from the same spot. Some of these Hollywood blockbusters coax the inner traveller in us and tempt us to give into wanderlust. Here are the top 10 movies that have piqued the desire to travel in many, and will certainly make you want to get off your bum and explore the world.

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1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Two best friends on holiday in Spain, one passionate heartthrob artist, throw in a feisty ex-wife and regrettable pasts and we have a tempestuous love affair from all angles. Starring Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johannson, Vicky Cristina Barcelona will surely have you packing your bags for the green pastures of Catalunya.

2. Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a movie about an exquisite romance which unfolds in the city of love, Paris. It stars Owen Wilson, who plays a mystique screenwriter, travelling to the French capital with his fiancée, played by Rachel McAdams, and her family. However, once there, he gets trapped in a time-travelling loop that takes him years back in the past every night at midnight. He thus, faces a battle to escape this loop and rescue his engagement. This one will surely make you want to jet off to Paris with your lover.

3. The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie revolves around the iconic Marxist guerrilla leader, Che Guevara. It sets the scene at a time when a young Guevara and a friend travel across Latin America on their motorcycle. On their travels, they bear witness to the injustice and economic disparities that are holding their homeland ransom, which ultimately inspires Guevara to revolt. An exciting and motivating tale, this movie will definitely get you in the mood to explore your land.

4. Eat. Pray. Love.

Eat. Pray. Love. stars Julia Roberts, whose character initially struggles to cope with all the problems she faces in her daily life. She fears she is losing touch with her inner self, and so decides to go on a quest to discover herself. By going out of her comfort zone and experiencing different cultures, she manages to get in touch with her soul and find herself. This movie will certainly make you want to travel, maybe even go out of your comfort zone and give yourself a culture shock in the process.

5. Brokedown Palace

In Brokedown Palace, two American girls have been wrongly arrested on drug-smuggling charges, as they were travelling from Thailand to Hong Kong. An American lawyer seeks them out, and proceeds to handle their case and fight for their freedom. Starring Kate Beckinsale and Claire Danes, this movie will easily and definitely get you excited at the prospect of exploring Asia, and all its glorious beauty.

6. Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is a heart-felt movie of romance and passion, set in another beautiful European capital. This movie sees a caged and sheltered princess, played by Audrey Hepburn, break free from her restrictions. She then goes in search of love, and finds it in the form of an American news-reporter, played by Gregory Peck, and the two then embark on a journey full of ups and downs. Watching this should entice you to break free of any shackles holding you back, and go in search of love and adventure.

7. The Beach

The Beach
Pix Shark

Set in picturesque Thailand, this movie stars a young, shirtless and sexy Leonardo Di Caprio, playing a young boy by the name of Richard. He stumbles upon a map leading to a secret island paradise, Phi Phi, where he and his fellow islanders go on to live, in complete isolation from the rest of the world. This movie will certainly arouse your desires to lay back and relax on a tropical beach, especially considering the fact that Phi Phi, the island in question, actually exists.

8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

In this movie, Ben Stiller plays the role of a dreamer, Walter Mitty. He has the ability to escape from reality and delve into the world of his deepest fantasies. He can travel all over the world, to the most scenic and wondrous places, all with the power of his mind. No wonder then, that this movie appeals so much to so many travelling enthusiasts, and it will surely have you reaching for your own passport.

9. Letters to Juliet

Amanda Seyfried plays a young, aspiring writer by the name of Sophie in Letters to Juliet. She travels to Verona, Italy, where she meets Juliet and her ’secretaries’. Almost as if by destiny, Sophie gets acquainted with Charlie, and inadvertently falls in love. This romantic movie is bound to make you yearn for the lush vineyards of Tuscany. You will want to spend a magical vacation in one of those amazing villas that adorn the mesmerizing landscape, guaranteed.

10. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

In Before Sunrise, two strangers meet on a train, going across Europe. They instantly develop an intense connection, and then spend an emotionally charged and intimate night together in Vienna, Austria. The first of a trilogy, this brilliant movie starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, will urge anyone to jump on a train and travel across the world. You will definitely feel a want to explore new places, and maybe even new people.

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This list should suffice in getting anyone to seek out their inner traveler. So, let your wanderlust loose and set yourself free. Who knows where your journey will take you and who you will meet along the way.

Do you feel as though I’ve left a particular movie off this list? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.