Top 10 Natural Wonders You Need to See With Your Own Eyes

At least once in your life you need to quit whatever it is you are doing,  and just travel the world. While you are it, you shouldn’t forget to visit these 10 amazing places that have some of the world’s most beautiful and breath-taking sceneries.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most astonishing natural wonders found on planet earth you need to witness with your own eyes:

1. The Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

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‘Door to Hell’ is a natural gas field, near Derweze village, that was first discovered by Soviet engineers in 1971 when a drilling rig collapsed and created a huge pit. Back then scientists thought the methane gas could be dangerous for the town nearby, so they decided to set it on fire. Since then the crater has been on fire, and many people travel to Turkmenistan to witness it up close.

2. Pink Lake – Australia


This extraordinary lake also known as Lake Hillier is a salt lake in Western Australia that often changes its colour to pink for unknown reasons. Scientists believe that this is caused by the high concentration of different types of bacteria such as Dunaliella salina, and brine prawn. However, the colour may occur from a sea salt and nahcolite deposit reaction or by the bacteria that grow at the bottom of the lake.

3. Blue Lagoon - Iceland


It’s impossible not to visit the Blue Lagoon once you are in Iceland. This special spa is located in a lava field in Grindavik Peninsula, and its minerals seem to have therapeutic powers that can cure skin diseases such as psoriasis. Although this is a man-made lagoon, the land that it is built on is natural as well as the lava that surrounds the pool. But, the water comes from a geothermal plant near the spa that uses the volcanic landscape to heat it.

4. Fuji Mountain - Japan

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In Japan, you get to witness yet another natural wonder of the world. Although this doesn’t happen very often, clouds appear to take bizarre mushroom-like formations above Fuji Mountain that makes you think UFOs are trying to control it. This occurs when western winds over the Sea of Japan travel towards the mountain and up into the atmosphere carrying humidity. The cloud in the photo is an example of a lenticular cloud.

5. Berca Mud Volcanoes – Romania


Berca Mud Volcanoes is the botanical and geological reservation area that features the impressive, explosive mud volcanoes. The volcano eruptions are caused by the mud and natural gases that that travel 3000 feet to reach the surface. It’s a rather unusual but interestingly beautiful thing to witness, so it’s worth visiting the place if you are visiting Romania soon.

6. Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens – Japan


Upon travelling to Japan you need to visit and walk through the country’s famous wisteria tunnel that is a 5-hour train ride from Tokyo. With over 20 different wisteria flower species, the gardens look like a colourful paradise. The best time to visit the Kawachi Fuji Gardens is from the end of April until May when wisteria blooms and creates magnificent scenery that looks like it came out of a fairytale. 

7. Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis – Norway

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The northern lights or Aurora Borealis occurs roughly every 11 years and they offer one of the most spectacular sceneries on earth. Although it may be difficult to believe, the Aurora display is a natural phenomenon that’s caused by the collision of sun’s charged particles that get trapped within the earth’s magnetic poles. When these hit the atmosphere, they create colourful glows ranging from red, green, yellow, blue and violet. If you want to see the aurora you need to ensure you are at the right place and time.

8. Great Barrier Reef – Australia


The Great Barrier Reef that’s located in the Coral Sea is so big that it can be seen from outer space. With approximately 2,900 reefs and 900 islands the reef serves as the home to many tiny organisms and as such it’s  a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In order to protect its rich ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks helps to limit the impact of human use in the area, however, it can be visited by tourists. The best way to see the reef is by scuba diving, but boat excursions are common as well.

9. Ice Caves Near The Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia


Located in Kamchatka Peninsula, these amazingly beautiful caves are the ‘treasures of the dwarfs’ as Daily Mail described it. They feature an impressive glacial ceiling that was created by the combination of ice and hot springs coming out of the Mutnovsky volcano. With the colourful lights coming into the caves, you get the feeling that you are indeed in a magical place.

10. Cave of Crystals: Mexico

Cave of Crystals: Mexico

The cave of crystals has the largest natural crystals in the world. Located in Chihuahua, Mexico this cave is connected to the Naica Mine that’s 300 metres below the surface. Not many have attempted to explore the cave due to unwelcome temperature conditions. Since the cave is extremely hot people cannot stay inside for longer than 10 minutes and not wearing the appropriate equipment can be extremely dangerous. Check out this video to learn all about the secrets of the crystal cave.

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Whether you are a traveller or nature lover, I am pretty sure that at the moment you are dying to visit these 10 amazingly beautiful places that are some of the most extraordinary natural wonders of the world. Well, one day you might visit them! Start saving and then you will be able to travel wherever your heart takes you.

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