Top 10 Places Around the World to Launch a Startup

The contemporary business scene is changing every day. With the global economic climate rising and falling at alarming rates, the state of our careers has never been more changeable and rather than risking it at a corporate company, many workers are choosing to follow their own professional paths. If there ever was a moment for the startup, then surely it is right now. Increasingly innovative entrepreneurial ventures are popping up all over the place and with the market reach for new ideas, it pays to know where to travel.

While many startups can be successful from anywhere in the world, there are a number of cities around the world which seem to give new business ventures the extra boost that they need. Passports at the ready, entrepreneurs!

1. Oslo, Norway

Whilst Norway might not be fervently thought of as the home of technological innovation, it is something of a northern European startup mecca. One of the richest countries in the world, Norway has no end of business opportunities and unsurprisingly, many startups are choosing to make the capital city of Oslo their permanent home. With a famously friendly population, a booming economy and a big stake in the digital field, Oslo is certainly a wise choice for new startups which might even lead them into the major business playing field.

2. Wellington, New Zealand

At the opposite end of the world, New Zealand is running a whole other set of exciting work ventures. As one of the country’s major cities, Wellington has a big part to play in New Zealand’s business scenes and, drawing a huge number of new startup ventures, it is more than contributing to the nation’s economy. Unlike many other places in the world, setting up a new business is relatively stress-free in the city, and won’t cost you a bundle, either. Rent and living costs in the city are relatively low, too, making it the perfect environment in which to get really inspired!

3. Istanbul, Turkey

The gateway to the East, Istanbul sits in a very lucrative place in the world. With access to both the economically stable cities of Europe and the technologically driven Asia, Turkey’s capital has tremendous opportunities for new startups. A city on the rise, Istanbul is becoming increasingly popular on the business stage, while it hosts a whole load of untapped business opportunities. Whilst entering into the business scene requires a little more red tape than most, once you’re in, you face the very real prospect of economic success.

4. Tel Aviv, Israel

Whilst this Israeli city might not be the first place that springs to mind when we think of startup hubs, for true entrepreneurs, Tel Aviv has been the spot to head to for some time now. Nurturing a very strong tech economy, Tel Aviv is the perfect place to call home if you’re fronting a digital startup. Better yet, the city’s startup scene is already relatively established, meaning that local businesses and professionals are comfortable and relaxed when dealing with new companies. If you’re on the search for phenomenal creative energy and a trusting environment, this is the place to come.

5. Singapore

As one of the most exciting places to be in the world for technology, it’s little surprise that Singapore is a hot spot for new startup ventures. With a thriving business ecosystem already in place, Singapore provides a great platform for startups to really make a mark in the professional world. Home to some of the best networking possibilities out there, the Asian country caters to an increasingly entrepreneurial crowd, and looks to have great prospects for years to come.

6. Seattle, USA


You’d be forgiven for overlooking the city of Seattle in North-western America. Located a considerable distance away from hubs New York and Los Angeles, it seems to be teetering on the edge of the country, not exactly connected to anywhere. However, the American city packs a serious business punch and if you’re thinking about launching a new startup, it’s probable that the city is already a major player on your list. Home to some of the most forward-thinking business and rapidly-growing startups, Seattle has more than made a name for itself in business, and it is only getting stronger. Workers in the city are prepped and primed for new opportunities and give their all to brand new business ventures.

7. Bangalore, India

With places like Silicon Valley undeniably over-saturated in the startup field, it’s little surprise that entrepreneurs are starting to look elsewhere around the world for new places to call home. Bangalore in India might not be the first place on everyone’s minds, but those who have chosen to flock to the vibrant city are more than reaping the benefits. With a buzzing, lively business ecosystem already in place, startups are guaranteed a real run for success in Bangalore. Home to a community of welcoming, relaxed startups and professionals, the city runs on a truly supportive entrepreneurial network, and is sure to nurture any new business that comes its way.

8. Berlin, Germany


Home to some of the cheapest renting prices in Europe, Berlin is a city to which hundreds are flocking. Those looking to make a name for themselves in the startup world are particularly well catered for; with an international reputation for innovation and business success, the German capital has one of the most stable economic ecosystems across Europe. Home to an already thriving pool of startups and successful professionals, Berlin exudes a youthful energy, and is sure to inspire you in your working ventures.

9. Bali, Indonesia

Noted for its stunning island retreats and tropical climate, Bali is a place to which countless people travel each year. As well as being an isolated heaven, the Indonesian island is home to some of the most lucrative startup opportunities around. With a wide range of startups already running from Bali, the island has a strong reputation for success. Home to famously friendly locals, cheap rental prices and an international melting pot of professionals, Bali is a serious contender for being the best startup hub in the world and is on the verge of becoming something very big indeed.

10. Paris, France

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Once a cultural hub, Paris has fallen off the radar in recent years, in danger of becoming too stuffy for its own good. Recently, however, the French capital has been on the up and in the current climate it’s starting to make a name for itself all over again. Perfectly located for business across Europe, Paris is a great place to make international business connections and partnerships. Better yet, the French government have recently launched a new business offshoot, designed to support and nurture SMEs and young entrepreneurs. With hundreds of years’ worth of culture and art, Paris might just inspire you to do something different and is a great place to try a new venture.

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Stepping outside of the box seems to go hand in hand with launching a new startup. New business ventures can rarely be confined to one geographic location and with the improvement of air travel and international connections, they don’t have to be. Settling in a new place can be a scary thing but, like launching a startup, can also lead to something entirely unexpected and completely incredible. All around the world, locals are paying increasing attention to innovation and new ways of doing business, so if you’re thinking about launching a new startup, why not travel to somewhere new?

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