Top 10 Places That Are Still Secret to Many

During their lifetime, most people choose to confine themselves to traveling amazing places around the world where the majority of tourists crowd like bees. But what about the other magical, less-traveled places that haven’t yet been discovered by most people?

The earth has so many great mysteries that it is impossible for any single human being to know all of them. As such, some of the world’s beautiful places remain less-known than others and relatively untouched by man.

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Even if you are a frequent traveler, you probably haven’t heard of many of these places as their existence is unknown to the vast majority of people. So let’s go over the list of the top 10 places that are still secret to many:

1. The Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

spain-The Alcázar of Segovia

The Alcazar castle really does look like it came out of the Cinderella – so much so it even looks like her home. In fact, this building was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s fairytale castle. Through the years, this has become Spain’s most famous castle, and while it was originally built as a fortress, it later served as a royal palace, a prison, an artillery college and a military academy. Currently, it’s a museum that’s relatively easy to find, and it’s about an hour away from the capital Madrid. 

2. Faroe Islands, Denmark

Once you travel through the archipelago of Faroe Islands, it becomes apparent that the place hasn’t yet been that exposed to humankind. Located to the north of Great Britain, between Norway and Iceland, these islands represent the beauty of the Scandinavian culture and have some of the most ground-breaking sceneries in the world. One of its most impressive wonders is Lake Sorvagsvatn on Vagar Island that’s just thirty meters away from the ocean on a huge cliff.

3. Chefchaouen, Northwest Morocco

Another fortress is the city of Chefchaouen which translates to ‘two horns’ in Arabic describing the mountain that’s split in half surrounding it. Founded in 1471, the city protected Morocco from several Portuguese invasions over the years. Today it is mostly famous for its houses and buildings that create a beautiful rainbow of the different shades of blue.

4. Mount Ai-Petry, Crimea, Ukraine

Ai-Petry is the peak of the Crimean Mountains and it’s the windiest place in Ukraine. In fact, the wind here blows for 125 days out of the 365 every year at speeds of up to 110 mph. Even though it’s regarded to be a secret location for many, local travelers climb over Ai-Petry throughout the year just to get a few moments of happiness looking down on the magnificent view of the Crimea coast.

5. Green Lake, Austria

This lake took its name, ‘Green Lake’, from its emerald-green water that’s reflected by the grassy bottom layer. What’s really interesting about this lake is that throughout the year it transforms into a park. Although this sounds crazy, there’s a pretty logical explanation for it. In winter the lake is only two metres deep and the area around it is used as a park. Whereas in the spring, the snow melts from the surrounding mountains and fills up the area with water that’s twelve meters deep.

6. Cappadocia, Turkey

Located in central Anatolia, Cappadocia is a historical area that’s particularly famous for its cone-like formations that were created by the erosion of soft volcanic ash over the years. What’s really special about this region is that its formations have been carefully crafted as to create cities such as Kaymakli and Derinkuyu and various buildings like castles and gateways. The place is also a popular destination for Hot Air Balloon excursions. Flying over Cappadocia’s popular fairy chimneys in a balloon would definitely be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

7. Meteora, Greece

Meteora, which translates to ‘suspended in the air’ in Greek, is a unique place in Thessaly, Greece that resembles the second-largest Greek Orthodox monastery in the country. An impressive characteristic of the place is the pinnacles in the area that were created about 60 million years ago and took their current shape from weathering and earthquakes. The buildings above these great mountains and hills kept away many who tried to climb them.

8. Treehouse Point, USA

If you used to play in a treehouse as a kid, then the Treehouse Point hotel will make you feel right at home. Although not exactly a secret destination, it’s not usually people’s first choice when planning their holidays. However, it looks like staying there could be a great experience – especially if you love the outdoors. Located in Washington State, this place is the ultimate paradise for those who want to spend their holidays enjoying some peace and quiet.

9. Huacachina, Peruvian desert

This perfectly-hidden village in the Peruvian desert is so small (it has a population of only 115) and isolated you could easily miss it. Huacachina, otherwise known as ‘the oasis of America,’ is built around a small lake in the middle of the desert in Peru. Although it attracts many visitors from the surrounding areas as the area is famous for dune buggy riding and sand boarding, many people are still oblivious to its existence.

10. Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island, Australia
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Located in the Tasman Sea, Lord Howe Island is another relatively unknown destination to the majority of the world. Located between Australia and New Zealand, this island has some of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. With a population of only 360 people, the UNESCO Heritage island is a rather quiet place to spend some time during your summer holidays. Each year only 400 people are allowed to visit so that the island doesn’t get too overcrowded.

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If you haven’t yet visited these astonishingly beautiful places, now is the right time to do it. Plan your next adventure and experience earth’s most amazing mysteries for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  

Have you ever been to any of these places? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below...