Top 10 (Plus One) Richest Entrepreneurs in 2014

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1. Mark Zuckerberg
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Net worth: $33.1 billion. Born 1984. Founder and CEO of Facebook. Zuckerberg launched thefacebook on February 4, 2004. The social media site now boasts over one billion active users.

You already know Bill Gates, worth an estimated $78 billion in 2014. There are other, more established (i.e. older) entrepreneurs that could have made this top ten, but the focus is on younger and perhaps less known individuals (although most of these people are still rather famous) that made their money relatively recently. Overwhelmingly, these entrepreneurs all made their fortune via computers and/or the internet. Cyberspace, it would seem, is the best place to get filthy rich in the modern world. Many of them founded companies or products that we all know, love, and use frequently (if not daily...if not hourly). The secret to success? Start small and build. Find something that you yourself want, or need, or would use.

Amazon. Google. Facebook. Tumblr. YouTube. These are the names appearing on this list. Some of them are so ubiquitous that we can’t imagine our lives without them. Imagine life without Google (gasp!). Or Facebook (double gasp!!). There’s a reason these founders are billionaires. But one can’t help but wonder what the next big thing will be. What’s the next YouTube? What will eventually usurp Facebook? What entrepreneurs are waiting in the shadows to take over the throne, quietly building, coding, and tweaking their idea until it’s perfect and ready for the light of day? Only time will tell.

For now, these men rule the top ten (a few women did break into the top 15, including Ashley Qualls of and Juliette Brindak of “Miss O and Friends”). A future list will undoubtedly include ten heretofore unknown individuals.




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