Top 10 Reasons To Become An Accountant

You have been damaged since your parents bought you your first abacus. At first you thought that it was just a cheap maraca imitation until the unrelenting noise drove your mother to drink and forced your father to show you how to use it for counting. That winter you counted everything from the rice your mother put out to cook, to the bottles of empty wine hidden in the garage after she went to rehab. With all that natural talent in tallying, what do think would be the best job for you? An account just seems obvious, no?

1. You count all day everyday anyway

You compulsively count everything around you; why not get paid for it? They were your childhood friends and now they will be your livelihood (and they are already secretly your lovers).

2. Manage other people’s money

All day you will be dealing with lofty amounts of cash that won’t even be yours. They say that money is the root of all evils but that shouldn’t worry you since you’ll only be dealing with your safe, comfortable numbers.

3. Watch numbers on the ticker tape!

Never mind, someone just told me that they stopped using them in the 80’s.

4. You get to have your own computer!

What if I told you that computers run on this nifty system of numbers called binary code, composed exclusively of zeros and ones! You can even speak with people from around the world but that makes you nervous so you probably won’t use that function anyway.

5. The day will never run out of calculations to do

Once you finish on transaction, you will have hundreds more to go. The great thing about accounting is the better you are at it, the more clients you get and the more transaction you’ll have to calculate.

6. Its Monotonous but that’s good in your book!

Day in day out you’ll be dealing with numbers. You’ll be drafting invoices, receipts, bank deposits and more. At the beginning of the month you’ll be running expense reports, income reports and balancing checking accounts. Then you’ll repeat those processes until you retire! You love consistency and that’s why you love numbers, so the more brain-numbing monotonous the better for you.

7.  You get to meet like-minded people

You will be dealing with bankers, brokers and business people that are all about the numbers. The bigger the numbers, the better for them, and the bigger the challenge for you!

8. You prefer your own company anyway

You like your own company anyway, so study by yourself and then take a test to become certified! That way you’ll avoid all those undesirable people in college that want to be your friend, help you with something called social skills and will try to talk to you.

9. As long as there is money, you’ll have a job

By being an accountant, you are guaranteed a job until the end of civilization or until we return to a bartering system. Even then, people might need you to make sure that a pound of mushrooms is worth half a rabbits pelt.

10. Numbers! Numbers! Numbers!

I really didn’t even have to give you this whole attractive list of benefits did I? All I had to do is mention that you would be neck deep in numbers all day and you would’ve been in line already.

Are you number obsessed and don’t know what career to follow? Are you already an accountant and would like to share how beautiful your life is now that you are constantly dealing with numbers? Then leave a comment below and lets us know (please use words not numbers).  




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