Top 10 Reasons to Become an Actor

All the world’s a stage, or so the popular saying goes. Whether you want to say the words Shakespeare wrote so long ago whilst standing on a stage in front of an audience or would rather make movie magic, becoming an actor might mean following your dream. Or you could just want fame and fortune. Either way, here are the top 10 reasons to become an actor. 

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1. You can get a big ego

Not to say that all actors have egos, but it’s a stereotype for a reason. It makes sense that actors are conceited because they have to be, since they’re in constant competition for not only roles, but also for the attention of the media. So go ahead, act as conceited as you want; it’s allowed. In fact, it’s probably even expected.

2. You can go on a crazy diet

It’s no coincidence that one of the earliest advocates of going gluten-free is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. Follow in her famous footsteps and go carb-free, cut out gluten and dairy, or even go to the extreme of only eating organic, local food. You can even be that annoying person at a restaurant asking the waiter where every single ingredient on the menu comes from. It might take 20 minutes, but again, you’re allowed.

3. You will be super rich

Let’s be honest here: you don’t want to become an actor to follow a lifelong dream you’ve had since childhood. You want to be rich. So no, it’s not hard to get cast in a movie directed by, say, Steven Spielberg. So go ahead and make a ton of money on just one movie role.

4. You get lots of time off

Perhaps the best part of being a movie actor is you get most of the year off, since movies only shoot for a few months at a time. Use the downtime to go to the gym a lot so you look amazing and will be hired in future movies that will give you even more money and more time off. It’s a win-win.

5. You get to go to amazing places

Of course some movies shoot in a studio in L.A. But you might get lucky and get an exotic trip out of the deal. It’s a good idea to only audition for parts that seem to be shooting somewhere fabulous, almost guaranteeing that you get to go somewhere fun and fascinating.

6. You will get free stuff

Actors get invited to a lot of parties -- movie premieres, store openings, charity balls, and so on. You can bet that you will get a gift bag at the end of the night full of cool stuff. And it’s all free.

7. You will be followed everywhere

You won’t hate the paparazzi, will you? No, you will definitely appreciate the fact that you can’t leave your house without your picture ending up online and tons of people commenting on the fact that you looked awful that day. You will love getting swarmed when you’re leaving a store, because all you wanted to do was go shopping. You won’t complain. You will love the lack of freedom and privacy.

8. You can also work as a bartender

It’s a sad and harsh truth that many "actors" living in New York City or L.A. are actually bartenders or waiters/waitresses. But that’s okay. You can still tell people you’re an actor.

9. You can buy $100 t-shirts

It’s not a waste of money. You can’t find the same quality for $10 at Target. You have to spend money to get value.

10. You can buy $10 cups of coffee

Or green juice. Or bone broth. Whatever your drink of choice is, you demand only the best and follow any trend, despite the fact that you can get coffee for 2 dollars instead.

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With these top 10 reasons to become an actor, you will be equipped to chase fame and fortune and expensive coffee. Feel free to pay too much for ordinary clothes, get free stuff at whatever event you are invited to, and only seek out movie roles that shoot on location so you can travel in style.