Top 10 Recommendations for Tomorrow’s Web Developers

We’re not going to try to predict the future. Even the web developers of today won’t learn something because they’ve tried to predict the future. It is all well and good looking ahead, but you also have to consider the present and what’s going on right now. In this article, we’re going to give you an idea of what you need to know if you have aspirations of becoming a web developer.

1. Coding Isn’t Enough

It’s not enough to know a lot about code. You need to know more than that. Your CV must show that you can operate as a human member of the team, whilst bringing new ideas to the table. More and more web developers are also learning about marketing and design in an attempt to increase their worth.

2. Breadth

Developers need to better understand how humans are going to interact with their systems. They can’t just build a system and expect something to happen. They have to know how people are going to use the system and how they’re going to react to that system.

3. Be More Human

Developers can’t afford to lock themselves up in a dark room in this competitive world. Whilst this was acceptable before, it’s no longer right. You have to be able to work alongside designers, marketers, and investors. In other words, people skills are now a must.

4. Does It Fit?

You shouldn’t be asking whether you can do something or whether something is going to work. It’s perfectly possible to know your code yet make something unusable. Now you have to think about whether something you’ve made fits the needs of the clients. Does it fulfill their goals?

5. And the Rest

Testing and quality control: these are two things web developers didn’t previously have to worry much about. It is your job to understand these things. We live in an increasingly competitive world and mistakes are utterly unacceptable. Learn to work with a team and understand these things in great depth.

6. Software in the Wrong Environment

We live in the tech age. That doesn’t mean every piece of software is compatible with another piece of software. You need to figure out the environment in which your creation will operate. Will the language you’re using work with the current systems the business has in place? It’s your job to know this before you start any project.

7. Recklessness

Testing is all well and good, but do it on your own time. Don’t try new things in the middle of a project. Companies are becoming increasingly demanding and they won’t put up with your experiments any longer.

8. Debugging Better

Debugging is the most frustrating part of a project. Good developers look at a problem logically, rather than focusing on a line of code. Learn to see your projects as part of a big picture, rather than frustratingly hammering the same piece off code for days on end.

9. Know What Users Want

In some ways, you have to be a marketer as much as you do a developer. Developers who understand what users want are more likely to get things done faster because they already know where they’re going. Think about it.

10. Learn to Draw Your Ideas

Communicating web development with the ignorant is like swimming through maple syrup. They aren’t going to understand it, so don’t try. Instead, learn to draw your ideas. Simple diagrams cuts across the code and helps people understand what you’re trying to do on another level. Remember, you will have to indulge in this to keep your clients informed.

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