Top 10 Resources for Learning Online Programming for Starters

In this era of technology, programming knowledge can be as important as having knowledge in any other subject. If you have coding skills, you become better qualified and will have better job opportunities, leading to better financial stability. You will be able to do a number of things like developing websites, development and selling of software and mobile apps.

Coding is fun as many people have switched their careers to the technology sector after learning the art of programming. There are many resources both online and offline for learning programming. Here are the best websites to learn programming as a starter. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to spread computer science knowledge just like learning Chemistry, Physics and other subjects. The website features many courses and you can choose the most suitable one depending on your field of work and other requirements. One of best features about this website is that it provides useful links to programming lessons and contents in other websites.

Code Academy



When it comes to free resource for learning programming online, Code Academy is one of the best. It features courses for learning JavaScript, HTML&CSS, Python, JQuery, PHP and Ruby. An estimated 24 million learners have subscribed to Code Academy so far.




W3Schools is known to be one of the largest websites for learning web development. The website features tutorials for every web language with demonstrations in a separate code editor that allows you to tweak or code and observe the results instantaneously. Not just that, the website also offers online certification courses for those who are interested in getting certified in web development.


 The Code Player



The Code Player is a wonderful site for learning JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other programming language. This website has a unique way of demonstrating video style how-tos, showing different cool stuff created from scratch. The method used here is usually more enjoyable and easy to understand.


20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Khan Academy



Khan Academy is another non-profit organization that offers world-class education for free. It is accessible by anyone and from anywhere in the world. In its computing section, there are many tutorials elaborated in detail and in an easy manner. 


HTML5 Rocks


This is one of Google’s projects and the lessons provided here are articles written by renowned developers. Resources provided here are mostly about HTML5 that includes information about specific features and the right time to use them in your applications.





Learneroo focuses on algorithms and Java. The website features a range of samples and complex coding with explanation to help learners. Some of the courses offered here are chargeable. The website still has enough things to offer free of cost. Overall, it’s a great learning place for programmers.


Mozilla Developer Network


The website features a wonderful collection of learning resources for JavaScript, CSS and HTML. These resources are great to help you start as a programmer, as they teach you the art of creating a website by using its best set of resources.


Develop PHP



This is a great place to begin the fundamentals of programming as the website takes you through every possible topic in the most proper manner. The focus of the website is more towards CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript.





The website is more like an online coding school as it provides lessons and courses on most programming languages. There are more than 100 exercises and examples with every course offered here. Programmr is one of the best places to begin learning coding

Sometimes, online learning can be fun and far better than traditional-classroom learning. You can simply learn things at your own pace and refer study materials as many times as you want. You can enjoy limitless access to learning materials unlike a library. And the best of them all – get trained from the world’s best sources at affordable rates.

Hope the list of websites stated above are useful for young and budding programmers all over the world.    


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