Top 10 Richest Female CEOs

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Steve Jobs… Bill Gates… Carlos Slim… Mark Cuban. The only way you haven’t heard these names is if you’ve been living under an enormous rock. What do these names have in common?

Let’s see.

They’re filthy rich. Ridiculously successful. Enviously Innovative.

Oh! And they’re also men.

It makes you wonder sometimes where all the female CEOs are and what their respective level of success is. Well, you’re in for a treat because I’m about to break through the stereotype of the hulking, hairy, masculine figures in church and present to you some of the most prominent and powerful women CEOs—the top 10 of them at least.

I. Safra Catz



Title: CEO
Company: Oracle
Industry: Software
Pay, latest fiscal year: $51,700,000

This Israeli born business executive is the head-honcho of Oracle Corporation. She served as a CFO from November 2005 to September 2008. And after Larry Ellison (Oracle’s CEO) stepped down, Safra was officially upped to the company’s highest position.

 II.Marissa Mayer

Title: President/CEO
Company: Yahoo!
Industry: Media Content
Pay, latest fiscal year: $36,620,000

Barely 40-years-old, the Wasau, Wisconsin native was appointed CEO of Yahoo in 2012. Before taking top rank there, she honed her skills for 13 years in Google. She spent most of that time in product development. You’d think that her past involved a lot of playing around with the hottest tech-gizmos…and you’d be dead wrong. Nope. According to Mayer, her childhood years involved a lot of ballet lessons, ice skating, and debate team competitions. Although, she always did excel in school—particularly at math and science.

 III.Irene Rosenfeld


Title: CEO
Company: Mondelez International
Industry: Consumer Products
Pay, latest fiscal year: $28,810,000

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We’re all dreams. New York native Irene Rosenfeld is no exception. As a child her dream was to become president of the good old U.S.A. … But unfortunately not all dreams come true. So she had to settle for being the CEO of Mondelez—a global food company.

She paid her dues by holding positions with Frito-Lay and General Foods before becoming chief of Kraft Foods in 2006.

IV.Sharen Turney


Title: President/CEO, Victoria’s Secret
Company: Limited Brand Inc.
Industry: Retail Discretionary
Pay, latest fiscal year: $25,620,000

When you have a business pedigree as versatile as this 57-year-old Oklahoma native, it’s only a matter of time before you reach the top.

Some of those experience in include: business management, strategic planning, retailing, finance, marketing, understanding the customer, brand management and sourcing.

V. Carol Meyrowitz

Title: CEO
Company: TJX Companies
Industry: Retail Discretionary
Pay, latest fiscal year: $21,770,000

Carol leads around 3,000+ discount retail stores in six country—T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls just to name a few. Under her leadership, TJX Companies’ profits raise by double digits every year. And she’s still pushing for more.

 VI. Angela Braly


Title: Chairman/President/CEO
Company: WellPoint
Industry: Health Care Facilities/Services
Pay, latest fiscal year: $20,590,000

Angela is simply a boss at what she does. This Texas native runs the second biggest health insurer in North America since 2007. Just to give you some perspective on her impact on this nation’s health, take note that one in nine Americans are benefiting from the fruit of her labors.

VII. Ginni Rometty


Title: Chairman/President/CEO
Company: IBM
Industry: Technology Services
Pay, latest fiscal year: $16,180,000 

In the immortal words of Drake, “started from the bottom, now we’re here.” And they couldn’t be truer for Ginni, who started her IBM career in 1981. She worked her tail off, climbing up the ranks, acquiring leadership positions along the way…and ultimately being appointed CEO in 2012.

VIII. Ellen Kullman


Title: Chairman/CEO
Company: duPont
Industry: Chemicals
Pay, latest fiscal year: $15,660,000

Under Kullman’s leadership, duPoint is now moving into a new direction(s)—biosciences, agriculture, and advanced materials in solar energy and autos. There was a time when the company’s value dwindled. Not anymore! Since Ellen took the helm, duPont’s shares have tripled.

IX. Meg Whitman

Title: President/CEO
Company: Hewlett-Packard
Industry: Hardware
Pay, latest fiscal year: $15,360,000

Long Island, New York native Meg Whitman spent a good 10 year as CEO of eBay until she decided to try her hand at politics. After losing 2010 California race, she had to settle for her even consolation prize… becoming the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Not bad, Meg. Not bad at all.

 X. Mary Erdoes


Title: CEO, Asset Management
Company: JPMorgan Chase
Industry: Institutional Financial Service
Pay, lastest fiscal year: $14,750,000

Apparently, Mary Erdoes has been baller status since the tender age of 6—managing money even at that age. Yup. You read it correctly. She helped her grandparents balance their checkbook, using an adding machine.

Fast-forward several decades later… Erdoes now manages $2.2 trillion as CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management. You know… just the 6th largest U.S. based money management operation. No big deal.

The list doesn’t end here… But I hope that these names should give you a pretty solid idea of the awesomely powerful women who are running the show. And that list just keeps growing, too!





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