Top 10 Richest Kids in Canada

Chloe Rogers fashionandbeautyin

Earning a million dollars in one year may be a dream for many but for some, it is a reality. Canada’s richest kids are worth more than millions. Some of them are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others have been able to earn it in a very short time span.

1. Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wigginssportsglory

Andrew Wiggins a Canadian professional NBA player who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball team. The estimated market value for this young 6ft 8inch player is calculated to be around 30 million dollars. Last year, Wiggins won the NBA Rookie of Year award and is cited as the number 1 in the NBA draft.

2. Tessa Thomson

Tessa Thomsonworldredeye

Tessa Thomson, daughter of the richest man in Canada, David Thomson is probably the richest Canadian gal. Tessa is David’s daughter from his first marriage with Mary Lou La Priarie. Tessa currently lives in Miami, being a student of the University of Miami.

3. Brett Bitove

Brett Bitoveflickr

Brett Bitove is the dream son for every entrepreneur. Bitove is a businessman and a sportsman who owns Obelysk, a company that holds several entities including Mobilicity and Sirius XM Canada. As a sportsman, Bitove founded the Toronto Raptors. In 2005, Brett Bitove received the first James Naismith Award of Excellence.

4. Jenna Bitove Naumovich

Jenna Bitovebestoftoronto

Jenna Bitove Naumovich is a popular name in Canadian fashion circles. Currently, she is working as a stylist at The Room, an exclusive part of the Hudson Bay Company. A Macedonian by origin, Jenna Bitove has been elected as the most Influential Canadian by the Toronto Life Magazine in 2013.

5. Blair Bitove

Blair Bitovebackseatstylers

Blair Bitove is the daughter of Canada’s Sirius XM founder, John Bitove. She is known for her love of fashion and maintains her own blog, which focuses on online shopping and fashion. Bitove is still a student at the University of Southern California and considers Toronto and Florida to be her home base.

6. Chloe Rogers

Chloe Rogersfashionandbeautyin

Chloe Rogers is a top Canadian fashion model having worked under the top fashion model company, Elite Model Management. Rogers was inspired and introduced into the world of fashion by her mother, Suzanne Rogers, a fashion enthusiast. Though Rogers is still in her teens, she has worked with the top fashion names in Canada including David Dixon. Rogers was Dixon’s opening model at the World MasterCard Fashion Week held in Toronto. 

7. Nikki Walker

Nikki Walkertheglobeandmail

At just 21 years, Nikki Walker is a known figure in the competitive horse riding industry. She has been involved in the sports since she was only 13 years old.  Daughter of Magna International CEO, Donald Walker, Nikkie Walker won the Jump Canada Medal Final at the young age of 17. Nikkie Walker currently studies in the University of Waterloo.

8. Dayota Goyo

Dakota Goyodakotagoyo

Born in 1999, Dakota Goyo has been able to make a credible name for himself in the film industry. At a very young age, the young child actor has worked with one of the best actors in the industry including Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Jackman and many more. Goyo has been associated with big films such as Rise of the Guardians, Thor and Real Steel. At present, Goyo’s net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars.

9. Deena Pantalone

Deena Pantalonethestar

Deena Pantalone, daughter of Rocky and Rene Pantalone is a known socialite in the Canadian elite circles. She is a partner in a local development firm along with her siblings. She recently made news with her little red dress which she claimed was vintage Dior, but was actually bought at a local fashion store. Deena Pantalone suffered quite a bit of backlash which resulted in her apologizing to the store owner personally. 

10. Jared Menkes

Jared Menkesmypearscondo

Jared Menkes at 32 years has become quite popular in the local condo market with his innovative and hip ideas. Grandson of Murray, founder of Menkes Development, Jared is now one of younger development managers at the firm. The young real estate manager has managed to bag a lot of projects under his name including the Pears on the Avenue Project.

Jealous? Well, who doesn’t want to live the luxury life these kids enjoy.