Top 10 Richest Young Business Moguls in 2014

Documenting the “richest young business moguls” is bound to create some debate. Do you rank by wealth, or age? At what age do you pass from “young” to “old” (or at least “older”)? It is incredibly subjective.

For the sake of argument, this list looks at business moguls under the age of 40. Far from saying an individual over 40 isn’t young anymore, it simply serves as a convenient cutoff point. Several entrepreneurs, then, just missed making the cut. Both Larry Page and Sergey Brin are 41 years old, but their estimated worth of $30 billion EACH would have otherwise seen them near the top of the list. Elon Musk, Evan Williams, Milane Frantz, Michael Dell, Pierre Omidyar, and Reid Hoffman, among many others, all have an estimated wealth of at least $3 billion, but they all find themselves in their old(er) 40s.

With only three exceptions (Chase Coleman, Nick Woodman, and Elizabeth Holmes), most of the top ten made their fortune in technology and/or apps.  

And in a testament to just how colossal and important Facebook is, no less than FOUR of the top ten owe at least a huge chunk of their wealth to the social media platform.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Estimated Worth: $34 billion. Age: 30. Founder of a little social media site called Facebook. Zuckerberg’s wealth increased by $10+ billion due to some recent business acquisitions and moves.

2. Dustin Moskovitz

Estimated Worth: $8.1 billion. Age: 30. An early Facebook employee. He left to start Asana, a very successful web and mobile app to foster collaborative teamwork.

3. Jan Koum

Estimated Worth: $7.6 billion. Age: 38. Worked at Yahoo! for years before leaving and starting Whatsapp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app. It was recently purchased by Facebook for $19 billion.

4. Elizabeth Holmes

Estimated Worth: $4.5 billion. Age: 30. Dropped out of university to start Theranos, a cutting-edge blood testing company.

5. Nick Woodman

Estimated Worth: $3.9 billion. Age: 39. Founder of GoPro, the now ubiquitous wearable and durable video cameras.

6. Travis Kalanick

Estimated Worth: $3 billion. Age 38. CEO and founder of Uber, the ride-sharing service recently valued at just over $18 billion. Uber was his third start-up since dropping out of UCLA.

7. Sean Parker

Estimated Worth: $3 billion. Age: 34. Founded Napster (remember that?), and went on to invest in early and serve as the founding president of Facebook.

8. Robert Pera

Estimated Worth: $2.8 billion. Age: 36. Started as a hardware engineer at Apple, but left to start his own company, Ubiquiti Networks (software and systems communications tech).

9. Jack Dorsey

Estimated Worth: $2.7 billion. Age: 37. Co-founded Twitter in 2006, and is the current chairman. Founded Square, one of the first mobile payment apps.

10. Chase Coleman

Estimated Worth: $1.9 billion. Age: 39. Started Tiger Global Management, a money management firm with assets close to $15 billion. (And subject of very few decent photos!)

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