Top 10 Safest Cities in the World


Cities are already home to a majority of people on the planet, with reports highlighting that in the US, more jobs proliferate in city centers while employment growth shrinks in the suburbs. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked the safest major cities in the world in a separate report. The research took into consideration 50 cities based on their performance in four related factors:

  • Digital security (cybersecurity, privacy, safety from identity theft)
  • Health security (cost and quality of health services, environment and air/water quality)
  • Infrastructure security (condition of roads, buildings, bridges, transportation safety)
  • Personal safety (crime, violence, perceptions of personal security)

Here are the top ten safest cities in the world:

#10. New York


New York is the only US city to make it into the top ten of the overall index. However, it is the third best place for digital security, and second for health, but finished a lowly 28 for personal safety.

Life expectancy: 81

#9. Melbourne


Melbourne scores high in infrastructure safety (ranked second) and eighth for personal safety. The highlight, though, for Melbourne is its honorary ‘label’ as the most “liveable” city in the world.

Life expectancy: 86

#8. Toronto


Toronto comes eighth in the list, finishing eighth overall for infrastructure safety, seventh for personal safety, and eleventh for digital security.

Life expectancy: 81

#7. Zurich


Zurich tops the list for both infrastructural and health safety. Together with Mexico City, Zurich ranks the same when it comes to the perception of safety among citizens.

Life expectancy: 84

#6. Sydney


Sydney scores high when it comes to infrastructural safety (third position) and was named the tenth best city for personal safety, fourteenth for digital security, and seventeenth for health security.

Life expectancy: 81

#5. Amsterdam


The capital of the Netherlands is ranked fifth in the list, securing the ninth position in personal safety, and fourth position in infrastructure safety.

Life expectancy: 79

#4. Stockholm


Sweden’s capital is the only non-Asian city featured into the top five in the personal safety category, ranking No. 7 in digital security, and No. 10 in health security. Stockholm also tops the EIU’s Democracy Index.

Life expectancy: 82

#3. Osaka


Japan’s city was named the second best city for personal safety, sixth for health security, and fifth for digital security. It’s also No. 12 in infrastructure safety.

Life expectancy: 83

#2.  Singapore


Singapore’s highlight is its leadership in personal safety (ranking first). In addition to this, Singapore ranks high in terms of digital security (second position), and appears in the seventh position when it comes to infrastructure safety. Interestingly, the nation-city topped the EIU’s Business Environment Rankings.

Life expectancy: 82

#1. Tokyo


The safest city in the world is Tokyo. It’s the world’s most populous city which performs most strongly in the digital security category (ranked first) while ranking fifth in infrastructure safety, third in personal safety, and eighth in health security.

Life expectancy:  82

Have you lived in any of these cities? How safe are they? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below.