Top 10 Skills Needed for a Job in Accounting

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1. General Business Know-how
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Accountants don’t hide in the accounting department anymore. They are usually active and visible members of the company, so a solid grasp and background in business will serve you well. Many accountants get an MBA immediately before or after completing their accounting and finance program of study.

It’s not for everyone, but a career in accounting offers a lot more variety than might at first come to mind. Gone is the antiquated idea of the socially awkward number geek hunched over his or her desk. Accountants today are industry leaders, holding positions very high up the corporate ladder. Job titles include bookkeeper, auditor, accounting manager, director of financial operations, chief financial officer (CFO), chief accounting officer, budget analyst, corporate accountant, financial assurance specialist, revenue cycle administrator, senior strategic planner, tax specialist, and many more. “Just” an accountant? Hardly.

Because of the wide variety of positions that fall under the very large accounting umbrella, a good one needs to have a large skill set. It’s about numbers, yes, but it’s not just about numbers anymore. You have to have more at your disposal if you want to go far and move up. What sort of skills do you need? Here are the top ten skills needed for a job in accounting




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