Top 10 Startups of 2015

Every year, people are coming up with new, wacky and sometimes just pure genius ideas to improve our world. These days a lot of these ideas come in the form of handy and convenient apps. The year of 2015 has been no different, so we’ve put together a list of just a few of the new startups that have come out this year. As a warning, they may leave you slapping your forehead while thinking ‘how did I not think of that?’

1. Bumble

Bumble is a dating app, but it is nothing like Tinder, which also took the world by storm this year. It was, however, created by one of Tinder’s cofounders, Whitney Wolfe. Created not long after Wolfe left the crazy world of Tinder behind, it has the famous swipe left and right, but the difference is that this app makes girls make the first move. Girls have to start a conversation with anyone they match and then the guys have 24 hours to respond, otherwise the conversation disappears forever. If a same-sex couple matches, then either party is able to break the ice first. With over 1 million downloads, around 5 million conversations and 1 billion swipes, not only is this app proving successful, it has also managed to be surprisingly empowering for a dating app.

2. Hungryroot

Eat Up New York

Created by the former Groupon exec Ben McKean, Hungryroot is basically making vegetables more appealing to eat, because let’s be honest, who couldn’t use more vegetables in their diet. Basically you order a meal online and the next day a creative and funky looking pasta dish will be delivered to your door. In the packaging you get a bunch of noodles made completely from vegetables and you can choose from sweet potatoes, radishes, beets, zucchinis and more. It also comes with a side of some sort of fancy, special sauce and some protein if you so desire. Thanks to the health kick that the world seems to be on at the moment, Hungryroot managed to sell around 10,000 meals in its first month alone

3. Cotopaxi

What’s better than going shopping and buying things you probably don’t need? Well, going for shopping and buying things you probably don’t need that actually go towards helping a worthwhile cause. This is basically what Cotopaxi is. With a range of outerwear, including backpacks and water bottles, each product you purchase has a specific cause attached to it. For example, if you buy their Inca backpack you will help give a week’s tutoring to a child in an orphanage in Bolivia. If you choose to pick up the water bottle, you’ll help someone with six months of fresh, clean water in Cambodia instead.

4. Headspace

2015 was the year everyone in the world seemed to think it was time to get healthier, in both body and mind. Mediation has become a big thing now, particularly in the workplace, in order to try and help boost the productivity of employees. Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson jumped on and took advantage of this trend and managed to create something to make them enough money to sit fairly comfortably. The app is called Headspace and it gives you the opportunity to mediate any time you want, anywhere you want with just a touch of your screen. So far the app has managed to accumulate over a million users from 150 different countries.

5. Periscope

This is one that a few people might have heard of. Launched by Twitter in March of this year, Periscope is a live streaming app that lets users stream anything from any device, in real-time, to their followers. Anyone watching can send comments, hearts or, if you miss it, watch it back later. This feature is what sets it apart from some other live streaming apps, where the footage is deleted as soon as the session is over.

6. Instacart

Nowadays, online shopping is nothing new; in fact it is the new norm. Sometimes, when people can’t order something online, they simply won’t bother to buy it. Instacart founders Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen, Brandon Leonardo recognised this and jumped on board, creating an app that lets you purchase your groceries online. Seems pretty normal right? However, the big plus of this app is that instead of having to wait till tomorrow, those groceries can be at your apartment within an hour. Does anyone else see a future where basically no one leaves their house anymore?

7. Dolly

Let’s face it, moving sucks, especially when it’s time to shift those big bulky furniture items down all those sets of stairs. If you really don’t want to do it and you’re having trouble convincing any of your friends to help you, Dolly will rescue you. Jump on the app or the website and create a post about what you need help with. ‘Helpers’ will then respond and, well help you using their own vehicles. If having some random person take care of your precious belongings, freaks you out a little then you can feel rest assured knowing that all drivers from Dolly are background checked. You don’t even have to sit down and worry about what you will be charged, as the app works all that out for you, based on how many items you’re moving and how far you’ve got to go.

8. Hampton Creek

Vegetarianism and veganism have been uber big things this past year. It seems more and more people are choosing to turn to this lifestyle- they believe that humans are not meant to eat animal products. One such believer of this is Josh Tetrick, who is the founder of the company Hampton Creek. In a nutshell, Hampton Creek is a startup that makes egg-free products, and they are proving to be quite the hit. For example, this year, they released an egg-free mayonnaise that became so popular, Hellmann’s sued them. Not that this has slowed them down, as the company has announced they’ve managed to raised US$90 million on top of the US$23 million they raised back in February. It seems this is a company whose products you should be keeping an eye out on your supermarket shelves in the coming year.

9. The League

It seems like dating apps where another major trend this year, and there was an app for just about every sector of the population, including those on the higher end of the money-earning scale. Created by Amanda Bradford, The League was made in order to allow successful, highly motivated and interesting single millionaires meet similar people. In fact, you often have to have some sort of advanced degree to even make a profile.

10. Favour

Ever wished your favourite takeaway shop would just deliver their food at your place? Let’s be honest, this thought has crossed everyone’s mind.Well, this app lets that dream come true. Created by Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais who first met and became best friends when they were pizza-delivery boys back in high school, the pair had the same vision. After teaching themselves how to code, the app has now grown and covers retailers and restaurants that don’t already have a home delivery system in place. Just put in your order on the app and you’ll have your meal with you within an hour. The only getting up from the couch you’ll have to do is to answer the door to collect your mouth-watering meal.

Technology is continually making your lives more interesting and easier. If you’ve got an idea floating around in your head that you think could help make some everyday task just that little bit easier, hopefully this list has given you the inspiration to go out there and make it a reality. For the rest of us lazy human beings, you’re welcome.

What other awesome startups or apps have you come across this year? Let us know below...

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