Top 10 Street Performances That Went Viral in 2015

As human beings, we thirst for entertainment. And our source of entertainment is something as simple as the telly, as complicated as bungee jumping, as go(ooo!)od as sex, or as heartbreakingly dangerous as drugs. So why not just pause, listen and watch these guys instead?

1. Pipe Guy (9 million+ views)

A bearded guy in a psychedelic tee, a bunch of twisty pipes and a pair of rubber thongs – sounds like chaos, right? Meet Pipe Guy, who made his own instrument with a hotchpotch of PVC pipes. While most musicians play their instruments with their breath, fingers, sticks or bows – he plays his choice of percussion with rubber thongs and could probably put many drummers to shame. Oh, and note the wavy-arm dancer who comes and leaves in between.

2. Old Woman Coming Through (7.9 million+ views)

So, you’ve got a beatbox guy who’s doing his harmonica thing in front of a suitably interested crowd – the music is good and feet are tapping. Suddenly, in rolls Granny with her little pooch (the four-legged variety) and big pooch (yes, grannies are rotund sometimes), and away she goes: fee on fire, she dances away with utter and complete abandonment – age be damned! We think the beatbox guy owes her royalties.

3. So You Think You Can Dance Too? (3.6 million+ views)

Most people would not associate a Mormon – better still, a Mormon missionary – with dancing. This MJ-inspired street dancer may have made the same mistake, but Elder Gus Garcia in Barcelona shows him a thing or two.

4. Drummer Girl (3.4 million+ views)

A pretty Korean girl dressed in a simple tee and shorts plays her drums with talent, gumption and a whole lot of attitude. The video shows her having a little party all by herself. Watch it and see for yourself – you cannot help but tap that foot tap. Meanwhile, we wonder what the audience is on to be so deadpan.

5. Cop Out, Kid In (3.2 million+ views)

Not a traditional street performance, no. But this Kansas cop sure has a large heart as his insane dance moves keep everyone in splits. And he loses to a kid – gracefully! Respect.

6. The Barefoot Singer (2.7 million+ views)

Sammie Jay is blonde, pretty, and tends to be barefoot on the street – and you still probably won’t quite notice her until she opens her mouth and starts to sing. A lovely voice with awesome lyrics – she’s quite the performer as she croons into the mike, uncaring of stares, jaw drops, or even people too busy to pause and listen.

7. The Guy Who Impressed Kanye West and Justin Bieber (1.6 million+ views)

So what if a tall guy in a blue shirt walks up to Kanye West and his tag-along bud Justin Bieber, and asks for a chance to impress him with rap? You would expect West to brush him off and Bieber to, um, stick his tongue out, right? Nope – Kanye heard him out and was – let’s just say – rapt (pun intended).

8. The Crystal Ball Gaze (1.1 million+ views)

Portuguese street performer Luis Reis can mesmerize anyone and everyone with his almost mystical juggling skills. You may not be crystal ball gazer or believer, but this is one juggling act sure to make you gasp in awe along with the audience.

9. A Mannequin That Moves (240k+ views)

Three mannequins in a store window and, suddenly, one starts dancing Dubstep to the song “Swerve” by Excision & Downlink. Would you be surprised? I would. Meet Poppin Joo MinJeong, a Korean dancer who grooves in the coolest fashion ever wearing simple clothes and an awesome attitude.

10. Cotton Candy Jackson (146k+ views)

You may have had cotton candy many a time, but this is not the kind you ever had. This cotton candy king has some serious moves and can not only stun you with his whirlwind of steps but also delight you in his storm-on-a-stick cotton candy creation. Guaranteed to give you a sweet tooth.

So there: people who can dance, sing, juggle, drum and even make cotton candy – isn’t it fun to be creative?

If you see or know of any more such videos, write to us in the comments section below or tell us who your favorite is among them all!