Top 10 Striking Facts About Working in Retail Management at Harrods

For many people around the world, shopping at Harrods every Christmas is an unmissable tradition. Harrods boast an amazingly magical experience that captivate shoppers during the festive season. But what about its workers? What is it like to work for the most famous department stores in the world? We got the 10 most remarkable facts about working at Harrods’ retail management based on the organisation’s retail director Laura Brown.

1. Anything is possible

Every member of Harrods’ sales team is motivated to deliver exceptional experience to every customer. Nothing remains static within the retail management team at Harrods. Individuals learn from every experience and work hard to improve results and realise their full potential.

2. The structure of the retail team is designed to benefit customers

As such, Harrods’ assistant management team, which provides support to the sales team, saw a considerable expansion recently. In addition to this, the senior management team was realigned accordingly to promote more efficient decision making and provide global leadership and strategic direction that will foster opportunities for development and progression.

3. Harrods offers an abundance of opportunities beyond the shop floor

Harrods boasts a wealth of opportunities within the organisation ranging from sales, retail, marketing, personal shopping, customer relationship management, buying and distribution.  The London-based iconic outlet also offers comprehensive learning and development opportunities and a management programme that helps entry-level managers to develop and hone relevant management skills.

4. Exceptional development standards

In order to develop its retail management team and help employees develop new skills, Harrods uses both training and coaching as well as a personal development plan that focuses on supporting employees to help them pursue their aspirations to progress within the business. The workforce has the opportunity to experiment with different projects or initiatives or work in different teams and obtain new experiences.

5. Working in a luxury retail environment involves a customer-centered approach

Luxury retail is all about providing a personalised experience to the customer and Harrods’ staff take prides in having the privilege to meet and connecting with their customers in a way other retailers may not.

6. Working for a standalone department store could help sales professionals diversify their skills

Given that a department store such as Harrods has a range of products in different departments, all under one roof means that sales employees can expand their skills if they want to explore different areas or specialise in a certain area.

7. Previous experience in other luxury retailers is not necessary

Interestingly, although experience in a similar luxury department store could be deemed an asset, it is not essential.  What’s more important for potential Harrods employees is to be able to relate to people, connect with them and align their values with those of the organisation with passion, integrity and pride.

8. The luxury customer has changed significantly

The biggest challenge for the retail management team is to understand well customers’ wants and needs, their lifestyles and strategise ways to deliver the best possible experience to them.

9. Service is part of the team’s DNA

As was previously stated, providing an unparalleled experience to customers is a key aspect of Harrods’ differentiation strategy as a luxury retailer. Therefore, it capitalises heavily on training and development to make sure sales teams have full expertise to be able to respond to all customers’ questions accurately and efficiently.  

10. Starting from the sales floor is highly recommended for junior managers

If you aspire to pursue a career in retail management at Harrods, you should first gain experience on the sales floor. This will give you the opportunity to build relationships with the sales team, understand their role and find ways to inspire them, motivate them and lead them both individually or as a team.

All in all, these are the most enticing realities of working for the most luxurious department store in the world. Apparently, working at Harrods isn’t just about having a job – it’s about having a career which involves a set of challenges, meeting high expectations and maintaining high standards of service that are rooted in the organisation’s steeped history.   

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Image source: LovetoTravel