Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends for Men 2015

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When we think of men’s fashion, it’s usually dapper suits and weekend chinos that come into mind. SS15 (Spring /Summer 15) has taken men’s fashion to a whole new level and can indeed give even the best dressed men, a lesson in style. Winters may be all about suits, but summer is a whole new ball game!

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1. Striped Not Shaken

stripes men trend 2015somethingaboutmagazine

Thick Bengal stripes or paper-thin ones, traditional pin stripes or simply a combination of them all, be it vertically or horizontally, are very in and very trendy. While you could wear stripes in colors such as navy, green and even yellow– monochrome aka black and white ones ruled the roost. Wear the stripes on the torso or the pants, and go plain on the other half, or else you look like a Robin Thicke Beetlejuice impersonator.  

Seen at Armani, Gucci and Ermenegildo Zegna.

2. Green With Blue

green with blue men trend 2015CareerAddict

Being a former fashion faux pax, green and blue are now a match made in 2015. Varying shades of both these colors have been used in SS15, a varying trend from the previous two seasons which only used pastel shades. Be it a blazer with chinos, a parka with loungers or even a shirt with boxer shorts - wear blue and green combinations as you please.

Seen at Hackett, Pringle of Scotland, Gieves and Hawkes.

3. The Floral Man

floral men trend 201525gramos

Floral for men has been around since the beginning of the millennium, with many, if not all brands having a couple of signature pieces almost every Spring / Summer. This time, floral is back with a vengeance. Shirts, tees, shorts and even jackets– it’s a must to have a floral piece for the modern man.

Seen at Givenchy, A. Sauvage and Topman Design.

4. Gentleman in Red


While ladies in red have inspired femme fatale images across the world, it’s the men in red this SS15. Remember though that red is a tricky color to carry and perhaps it is best suited for a statement piece. However, bold but fair guys can carry off a red suit too.

Seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill and Bally.

5. Denimation

denim men trend 2015imgneed

Love denim?  Well, now is the time to flaunt it! Pair your trusty jeans with a formal shirt and blazer or go vice versa– that denim bomber may just be the perfect antidote for chinos and a tee. Or, you could go the Tom Ford way– a denim shirt, jeans and a denim jacket– there can never be too much denim in your wardrobe!

Seen at Gucci, Tom Ford and Prada.

6. The Swaggy Mac


Mackintoshes are in again this SS15, but not like the macs of yesteryears– these are more slouchy and look best when worn with a swagger. Designers went all out experimenting with textures, fit and prints, giving the mac a whole new twist.

Seen at E. Tautz, Issey Miyake and Fendi.

7. The Man Bag

Bag Man Trend 2015CareerAddict

We’ve seen man-purses and man-accessories of every kind prancing on stage during fashion weeks. For SS15, it’s a homey twist; the newest man accessory is the oversized picnic bag, brought home by Versace. Backpack, hand or duffel bag– a man-bag is meant to be roomy and a little quirky, as clearly shown by one of the leaders of the fashion industry.

Seen at Versace.

8. Lounging in Style

valentino Lounging in Style men trend 2015CareerAddict

Loungewear was highlighted in many of SS15 shows– board shorts, joggers, drop-crotch PJs and things that were purposefully unbuttoned and delightfully rumpled in a sexy way. Think of baggy shorts and silky PJ-like pants.

Seen at Bottega and Paul Smith.

9. OTT Vests

Man trend Vests 2015CareerAddict

The vest is no longer just a modest undergarment– it’s stylish, trendy and used to cover up your torso. From wearing the vest as a top layer, to wearing neon shades under mesh tees, to simply flaunting a toned body in one– vests are here to stay in their new bold avatar.

Seen at Christopher Raeburn, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton.

10. Toned Down Trainers

Tom Ford

Shoes have gone plain this SS15. Tom Ford really brought it down with its plain velvet and leather pumps, while Stan Smith got a burst of interest too. While every shade of neon has hit the shoe market– stick to tans, blacks and classic whites. The idea is to wear the ordinary and look extraordinary.

Seen at Tom Ford and Stan Smith for Adidas.

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SS15 clearly points to a man with bohemian and eclectic tastes– he can rock neon whilst looking super in classic black and white too. He can carry a floral tee, but look equally dapper lounging at home. Looking good, personally and professionally is not just a woman’s domain- men need to look fresh and fashionable too.