Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in 2015

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A recent study based on employees’ overall satisfaction and feedback shows that the following companies rightfully hold a position amongst the top 10 tech companies to work for in 2015. According to Glassdoor, these companies, along with other 40 that are related to different industries, currently hold the records either because they have developed new tech products/services or they’ve become popular due to their organisation’s culture and unique work environment.  

Let’s check which companies made the list:

#1 Google

It’s no surprise that Google comes first on the list. The company was named by Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute the 2014 “Best Company Work For”. Google’s culture supports the idea that people make the company successful, so they make sure they hire people who are smart determined and they favour ability over experience.          

#2 Apple


Apple never stops to amaze us with its unique “i-products” including the new iPhones and iPad Airs that were launched recently. Apple’s culture embraces innovation, creativity and individuality as well as hard work. If you want to work with Apple you have to be constantly curious, be self-motivated and have a willingness to learn.

#3 LinkedIn


As the world’s most popular networking social platform, LinkedIn comes third on this list.  LinkedIn’s mission sorely relies on helping people connect with life-minded professionals and provide access to a vast professional network. If you are interested in working with LinkedIn, you could keep yourself up-to-date with their latest news and careers here.  

#4 MathWorks

For those who are not familiar with this company, MathWorks specialises in mathematical computing software and it has become popular through its two major products MATLAB and Simulink. Their guiding principle is “Do the Right Thing” which refers to valuing its employees, clients and business partners. If you are interested in MathWorks you should know that their tech mission is to change the world embracing discovery, innovation, development and learning in engineering and science.

#5 Adobe

Adobe comes 5th on this list as its high-end technology that’s used by millions of people on a daily basis couldn’t be ignored. The company is characterised by a culture of creativity, collaboration and strong sense of community. Adobe is a company that believes in working hard and playing hard which means it values good work-life balance and offers many sports opportunities to its employees.    

#6 Qualcomm


Qualcomm’s culture is strong because of its diversity. Their employees come from a variety of different backgrounds that come to form a dynamic group where different ideas and innovation take the lead. Also, it supports a range of societies and clubs that aim to help Qualcomm employees explore their interests.

#7 Zillow

At Zillow, the popular real estate marketplace, people know “how to have a good time”. What puts this company in this list is its online database which allows users to search for houses while navigating a map and “save houses” as you carry out your search. If you are interested to work with Zillow you should know that you will be allowed to follow the JSS dress code which involves jeans, sneakers or sandals!

#8 MindandBody

Mind and Body is all about improving the health and wellness through technology. The company is perhaps the largest cloud-based software provider in the health, wellness and beauty industries. If you are interested in working with Mind and Body, perhaps you want to become familiar with their 7 core values.

#9 F5 Networks

As a multinational company, F5 Networks specialises in optimizing the delivery of network-based applications and comes 9th on this list. If you want to work with F5 Networks you should know its culture is characterised by innovation and diversity, commitment, customer loyalty, global mindset and integrity. Also, check for available opportunities and information on employee benefits here.

#10 Nvidia

As a popular global tech company, Nvidia is a world leader in visual computing. The company’s culture appreciates talents and values collaboration. If you are interested in working with Nvidia you can check for available opportunities here.

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If you are interested in working with these companies you need to learn as much as possible. Check Glassdoor to read reviews from employees and get more information in regards to salaries and the selection process. Where would you like to work? Leave your comments below.





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