Top 10 Things Employees Want Most from Their Employers

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1. Appreciation
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We work many hours all week with a huge workload and gallons of stress. The one thing that our employer could show us is appreciation. Thank us for a job well done and show us that you understand how hard we’ve worked. Is that too much to ask?

It’s no secret that as employees we all want different things from our employers. Some of us want a hands-on boss who is genuine and knows us all personally, others prefer a boss who keeps his/her distance and only makes an appearance when necessary. Despite these differences, we all require the same key things from our employers no matter what field of work we are in or which position we fill. It is important for employers to know what these things are in order to keep their staff happy and to prevent a high staff turnover.  They need to realise that their employees want to feel appreciated and be treated in a humane way even more than a high salary.

In 1946 a survey was conducted by Foreman Facts, from the Labour Relations Institute of NY, showing what employees want and what their employers thought they wanted. The study has been replicated several times, each time giving the same results, indicating that although technology and industries may change, the needs of staff do not.

Here is a list of the Top 10 things that employees want most from their employers:





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