Top 10 Things Employees Want Most from Their Employers

It’s no secret that as employees we all want different things from our employers. Some of us want a hands-on boss who is genuine and knows us all personally, others prefer a boss who keeps his/her distance and only makes an appearance when necessary. Despite these differences, we all require the same key things from our employers no matter what field of work we are in or which position we fill. It is important for employers to know what these things are in order to keep their staff happy and to prevent a high staff turnover.  They need to realise that their employees want to feel appreciated and be treated in a humane way even more than a high salary.

In 1946 a survey was conducted by Foreman Facts, from the Labour Relations Institute of NY, showing what employees want and what their employers thought they wanted. The study has been replicated several times, each time giving the same results, indicating that although technology and industries may change, the needs of staff do not.

Here is a list of the Top 10 things that employees want most from their employers:


1. Appreciation

We work many hours all week with a huge workload and gallons of stress. The one thing that our employer could show us is appreciation. Thank us for a job well done and show us that you understand how hard we’ve worked. Is that too much to ask?

2. Inclusion

At times we feel as though the people at the top hideaway in their offices and meetings rooms, discussing issues such as new projects, etc, that in turn affect us all. Yet, they don’t have the decency to inform us of what is going on and the reasons behind it, even though we are the people who are going to do the ground work. We would feel much more respected and respect for our employers, if we were kept in the loop.

3. Sympathy with personal issues

Personal issues are difficult to deal with enough, let alone having to inform our boss about it and then getting an unsympathetic response. We are all human after all, are we not? Employees need to be shown some compassion when going to their employer with a personal issue. Imagine the shoe was on the other foot and it was the employer that had the issue; how would they want to be treated?

4. Job security

One thing many employees fear is losing their job. It is necessary to be honest with them from the start and reassure them that this is not the case, unless of course they have repeatedly offended and are therefore going to be fired. If employers do not reassure their staff, the staff will resign and move onto another company instead.

5. Commendable wages

This one is rather obvious. If we do a good job and work hard for our money, we deserve to be paid appropriately for that.

6. Interesting work

An employee is obviously interested in working for a company and performing a particular job role, or they wouldn’t have applied for the job in the first place. However, it has been known for employees to start a new job that was actually different to what was stated in their job description. Employers need to make sure this does not happen and they keep the pace up so their staff do not become bored.

7. Opportunities for promotion and growth

There’s not much worse than joining a company to find that there is no room for growth and therefore promotion sometime in the not so distant future. No-one wants to remain doing the same work for years on end and not be given the opportunity to learn new skills or progress further with their career.

8. Personal Loyalty

When working for a company we begin to feel loyal to that firm and to the people who work there. However, with that, we expect the same loyal treatment in return, especially from the employer.

9. Good working environment

It’s only just that if we are to spend the majority of our waking time at the place of our employment, that we are treated with respect by being given adequate equipment needed to do our job. We expect certain facilities to be provided such as a desk, working computer, kitchen, toilet facilities, paper, etc. If the employees are not catered for in this basic way, they will become depressed and therefore leave the company. It is therefore of high importance that there is a good environment provided for staff to work in every day.

10. Tactful discipline

As employees, we strive to perform to the best of our ability on a daily basis; however, everyone makes mistakes now and then. It is up to the employer to recognize this and to not punish staff unfairly if they do need to be disciplined. It is also important that employers do not lose their respect for that member of staff by disciplining them in view of their colleagues. It is important to be strict but fair in such a situation.

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