Top 10 Things Successful People Won't Do

Successful people do things differently. Some of them got to where they were today through luck or inheritance, but the vast majority of successful people got where they were through doing things differently. If you want to become successful, you have to alter the way you do things. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top ten things successful people will never do.

1. Killjoys

When you’re happy you don’t want anyone to ruin that. It’s what allows you to do more. When you enjoy what you do, you’re more productive because you actually want to be there. Someone who has achieved success won’t allow others to kill what they enjoy. They’ll take opinions with a grain of salt and never allow someone else to make them feel bad about what they do.

2. Never Forget

People who are intelligent are known to forgive people when they do wrong, but this doesn’t mean they forget about it. Forgetting means you’re opening yourself up to being hurt again. Never forget what’s happened and use the experience when you move forward. This way you can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

3. Live to Fight Another Day

Successful people know when to back down from a fight. You’ll never see them die in any fight because they’ll know when to cut their losses and walk away. Those who have yet to achieve what they want from life tend to have too much pride. They’ll often go to war over the most minor issues and dig their heels into the ground. Stop this. Learn to control your emotions!

 4. Avoiding Perfectionism

Perfectionism is something you want to avoid at all costs. You’ll never make anything completely perfect. Know when enough is enough and you’ll start to experience better results. Furthermore, when success does come you’ll be better positioned to take it without the usual pessimistic outlook caused by the fact something isn’t perfect.

5. Living in the Past

Failure is good for teaching us how to do better in the future. What it isn’t good for is boosting our confidence. The difference between someone with a big house and someone in poverty is the former has learned to live in the present and live for the future. They don’t allow previous failures to colour what they’re doing now.

It doesn’t mean you should ignore past lessons. It means you should take the good from the past and leave the negative behind.

6. Sticking on Problems

We only have enough willpower to concentrate on a specific task for a certain amount of time. Don’t get fatigued looking at problems. Get away from problems and start altering mind-sets to focus on solutions instead.

When you focus on actions, you start to take positive steps forward. This is going to boost your confidence and make you better able to achieve.

 7. Leave Negative People Behind

It’s all well and good developing an optimistic outlook on life. None of it matters if you’re hanging around with people who exude negativity. Wallowing in people who only focus on the bad will erode your ability to stay positive. This doesn’t mean you should cast aside anyone who has a bad word to say, but there’s a limit that separates lending a sympathetic ear and becoming a full-time carer.

If your mood is starting to become affected by such people, gradually disconnect from them. Leave them behind and surround yourself with positive people.

8. Holding Grudges

Let’s take a look at holding grudges. This links back to the earlier point about not getting into fights and being able to step away. If you come into conflict with someone, you need to focus on the issue at hand not the person behind the issue. Never hate someone because they’ve wronged you. Ignore them and move on with your business.

Holding grudges only uses up valuable emotional energy. A study from Emory University even revealed that holding stress increases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Let your grudges go because revenge doesn’t end well for anyone.

9. Wasting Time

One thing you never want to do is waste time unwisely. The fact of the matter is we only have so much time in a day and so much time in our prime years. Get into the habit of scheduling your time wisely. Aim to be as productive as possible. If you must, start writing down your daily routine and eliminate any distractions.

Of course, there’s a difference between wasting time and relaxing. You shouldn’t become a workaholic. Everyone needs time to relax. Each time you plan an activity, ask yourself whether it contributes to your long-term success.

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10. The Issue of Saying Yes

Saying no is nearly always harder than saying yes. The University of California conducted a study and concluded that those who find it difficult to say no are far more likely to experience stress and burnout. Saying no is a challenge, and it’s a challenge you have to overcome if you’re going to get to where you want to be.

Change your entire mindset. Transform your thinking from thinking about where you can say no to when you’re going to say yes. Most of the time, you should say no. Saying yes should only come when you truly believe in something. Be assertive. Don’t bend to the will of anyone else!