Top 10 Tips for Increasing Your Instagram Following

Instagram is one of the most prominent image-based social media networks around. It’s also one of the ones regularly used by celebrities and big business to promote their respective brand. Naturally, you want to increase your Instagram following. This is why in this article we’re going to show you a number of ways in which you can increase your Instagram following and make managing these platform much easier on you.


1. Use Programs for Management

You need to find out what’s trending and who’s responding to what. There are two major tools to do this, and they both do the same things. They are Statigram and Nitrogram. Both of these do everything from monitoring the use of hashtags to tracking the general metrics of your account. Both of them are highly reputable options.

2. Host a Contest

Everyone likes the prospect of potentially getting something for nothing. Host a promotion or contest on your page, and manage it through a program like Statigram. This will give you valuable insight into what people respond to, and it should net you some additional followers along the way.

3. Engage Your Audience

Always respond to comments on Instagram. On average, you can expect 81 new comments on this network every second. It just goes to show how important interaction between pages is. Whenever someone leaves a comment or uses one of your custom hashtags, get involved and say something useful to them. If it all goes well, you could net yourself a new follower. It’s all about increasing the engagement between you and your followers.

4. Explore to Track Hashtags

If you’re going to expose yourself to the community, you must do this through hashtags. Aim for the most popular hashtags from time to time by using Instagram’s Explore page. This will help you to find out what’s trending at the moment and what you should be looking at.

5. Use Embeddable Badges

Embeddable badges are little Instagram icons and logos you can put anywhere. Use them on your blog, website, and any other forums you operate on. This will enable you to transfer your followings on other platforms to Instagram. You need to try to bring your community of followers together from all platforms.

6. Try Using Filters

Visit any page and you’ll regularly see Instagram’s filters within the photographs. Although they’re essentially just simple image editing options for people who can’t use Photoshop, they are incredibly popular. For this reason alone, you need to use them. People have become so used to filters that they need to be used in order to catch their attention.

The Earlybird and Valencia filters are currently amongst the most popular filters. Give them a try and see what happens!77

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7. Timing

This is a controversial topic, but the stats don’t lie. There’s a right time and a wrong time to post photos. Aim to post photos on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday night. Studies have shown this is when the most engagement happens, although for what reason we don’t know.

8. Personal Works Best

Corporate branding doesn’t get much engagement. People seem to be moving away from engaging with advertisements and tacky marketing campaigns. They want personal photos that give them an insight into your world. This can be hard to incorporate for certain types of profile, but if you get it right you’re giving yourself the best shot of success.

9. Followgram for Easy Interaction

The software program Followgram is a dashboard where you can get a quick look at what your top followers are posting about. You can also separate your pictures into albums and interact directly with other users through Followgram. It’s almost like another community has opened itself up to you!

10. Use Geo Tags

Geo tags are a new breed of tagging. This is where you can post a photo and tag the location where it was taken. This won’t necessarily increase your following in general, but it will help you interact with users in your local area. It’s essential to do this because Google prioritises businesses that interact locally in the search engine rankings.

Furthermore, this is a notoriously difficult nut to crack and geo tagging can be the first step to expanding your reach in your locality. Doing well locally will more than likely lead to more business for you.


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