Top 10 Tips on Managing Employees Fairly

Even the most experienced professionals find managing employees in an effective, efficient, yet fair manner difficult to balance. Respecting the rights of your staff and managing them in line with company policy whilst earning their respect takes skill! But even experienced managers can find it stressful keeping their workforce happy and productive.

Here are our top 10 tips on how to manage your employees in the most professional, effective and fair way…

#1 Train them up

The worst thing a manager can do is to hold back their employees. Not only will they become frustrated, but their work performance will ultimately suffer.

#2 Project manage

It is important that you inform your staff of developments and new ideas you want to incorporate to prevent them having to work ‘blind’.

#3 Be a good leader

You cannot expect your staff to work long and hard when you are leaving work early and arriving late. It is important to lead by example and treat employees how you expect to be treated.

#4 Perform regular employee appraisals

The key to ensuring your employees are performing as you require them to is to hold regular performance appraisals. This will also give you the chance to obtain feedback from them and to discuss areas that need improving.

#5 Create a welcoming and positive office environment

Company culture is the essence of your business and will determine how your employees will act in the workplace. If your company culture is firm but fair, you can expect your employees to work hard and respect the company.

#6 Practice transparency

Be honest and open with your staff on matters that affect them to help put their mind at ease. It is important that you involve employees where you can with decision making to make them feel that their opinions and expertise are valued.

#7 Encourage honesty

As a manager, your aim is to have an open and honest working environment where your staff feel confident coming to you with the truth about matters, whether they are big or small.

#8 Communication is key

One of the most important elements of a well managed office is communication. Ensure your employees know the lines of communication: who reports to who and how best to contact certain individuals in the company.

#9 Know what motivates your team

As a manager, you have to take the time to get to know them individually and as a group. Understanding what motivates your employees will help you to develop a plan to ensure targets are met and fair compensation is given.

#10 Coach, don’t micromanage

The best approach to take with your staff is that of a ‘coach’. This means that you give your employees the power of autonomy to perform the duties of their job whilst providing them with the necessary support to achieve their goals. Micromanaging your staff will make them feel like you don’t trust them, or that you undermine their value.