Top 10 UK Universities for Graphic Design

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Ask anyone, anywhere, and they will all agree that a career in graphic design is one of the most lucrative things to land at this moment. Students looking to pursue a career in this area, therefore, should count themselves very lucky. What’s more, the UK has some of the top institutions in the world for studying graphic design, offering a number of world class degrees taught by some of the best designers around.

Do you dream of product design and unique illustration? Congratulations; you’re a designer at heart. With our help, you can navigate the world of higher education at ease, and make the next step in your career.

Here is a list of the top 10 UK Universities for Graphic Design:

10. University of Hertfordshire

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The University of Hertfordshire boast a total of 65 awards given to its students, including prestigious international and national awards. The University is just 25 minutes from London, allowing easy access for guest lectures and excellent relationships with leading companies in the field. The fees to study at Hertfordshire are currently £9,000 per yer.

9. Manchester Metropolitan University

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The Manchester School of Art is not only the ninth school on the list of best Graphic Design programs, but it is also amongst the top 100 academic institutions in the UK. Its program is designed to be a hands-on, studio-based experience for students that encourages non-divergent thinking. Tuition to study in this exciting three-year program is on par with most of the other Universities on this list at £9,250.

8. Falmouth University

Stretching to the tip of the English channel, Falmouth University, has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Falmouth is also host to some amazing art courses, including its world-class graphic design degree. With an impressive roster of award-winning graduates and staff, design at Falmouth focuses on the future of its students, giving them access to some of the most innovative minds in the country. Tuition starts at £9,250 per year.

7. Oxford Brookes University

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Oxford Brookes has a long history of being an art institution; it actually started as one in 1865. But it soon added a science school even offering evening classes in the University Museum. Eventually, the University’s namesake became Vice President and became instrumental in laying the foundation for this prestigious academic institution today. Students enrolled in the graphic design programme get both theoretical and real-world experience of the discipline. Tuition for the period of 2017/18 is lower than other Universities on the list at £7.000.

6. Brunel University London

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London’s presence in design is felt all over the world, and it’s all a result of its top class learning institutions. Following the academic trend towards offering multidisciplinary or multifaceted design degrees, Brunel offers different types of design coursework. These include Advanced Multimedia Design, 3D Technology, Digital Media and Digital Communication and Design. By undertaking studio-based placements, students are encouraged to experience the world of work and make long-term connections for later in their careers. Unlike other Universities on this list Brunel has lowered its fees since last year charging its students from £8,500 per year down from last year’s fees of £9.000. 

5. University of Reading

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Plunging its students into a world of practical exercises, design-based challenges and studio projects, the graphic design course at the University of Reading is one of the best graphic design courses. Students can expect to complete a number of professional projects during their studies, which might just land them their first design contract. The course also takes an in-depth look at the history of graphic design, an essential skill for students who want to forge their own career path. Tuition fees begin at £9,250 for British and EU students.

4. Northumbria University

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Northumbria University is not only the fourth best University in the United Kingdom for Graphic Design it was also rated sixteenth for Art and Design for 2017. Northumbria’s Graphic Design program is designed to prepare students to enter the industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience. It also boasts links to the industry and the chance to work with professionals in the field of visual communication. Tuition at Northumbria University has also increased, per the Parliament regulation for inflation adjusted from £9,000 to £9,250.

3. Kingston University London

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Another well-regarded academic institution, Kingston University still continues to offer a more traditional Graphic Design, but it doesn’t lack compared to other programs on this list. The first year students will be helped to expand creatively and introduced to the fundamentals of visual communication design. During their second year, they will continue their specialisation in communication and design, including editorial design, moving image and interactive design. Finally, the last year of study is dedicated to developing a portfolio. Tuition at Kingston University is comparable to other schools on this list at £9,250.

2. Loughborough University

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Much like the number one entry on this list, Loughborough takes a multidisciplinary approach to graphic design and offers Graphic Communication and Illustration which according to the University’s website allows graduates to work in multiple industries upon graduation. The course will not only give you a varied education it will also give you access to an extensive alumni network and is £9,250 for students enrolled in a full time program.

1. Goldsmiths, University of London

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With one of the most bustling art scenes and design networks in the world, it’s hardly surprising that London is home to the country’s number one design institution. Students at Goldsmiths are put in particularly good stead; with design placements at the likes of Alexander McQueen, Selfridges and Imagination, Goldsmith’s course gives its students everything they need to hit the big time in graphic design. Tuition is charged at £9,250 for one year. Goldsmiths does not offer graphic design per se but BA in design which includes an introduction to a multidisciplinary design instead of a traditional one prong approach of other programmes.

There has never been a better time to pursue a career in graphic design. With a whole list of incredible degree courses, experienced professors and varied career placements, these Universities take their teaching very seriously, and give their students the best possible starting points in their career.

Have you studied at any of these Universities? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below.