Top 10 UK Universities for Sports Science 2015

If you have a combined love for sports and medicine, a career in sports science might be right up your alley. The career options with a degree in sports science are plentiful. You can become a sports coach, a personal trainer or a sports psychologist, just to give a few options. However, before you can enjoy an exciting career, you need a degree. Fortunately, several UK universities and colleges have top programs in sports science.

1. Durham University

It’s the third oldest university in England and considered one of the top 10 UK universities, according to the UK Education Council. The university not only boasts an impressive sports science program, its alumni include a few well-known athletes, such as Will Carling and Olympic gold-medalist Sophie Hosking. The program ranked 1 in the Complete University Guide for 2015, and "94% of our Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity students said they were satisfied with the quality of their course in the 2013 National Student Survey."

2. University of Birmingham

The University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences has been named one of the leading research departments in the UK. The University ranked first for sports science in Complete University Guide 2015. The employment success rate is exceptional with about 91% of the school’s graduating finding employment or furthering their education.

3. University of Bath

Not only does the university offer an impressive sports science program, the school ranked high for student satisfaction in 2013 and 2014. Data compiled by Unistats reveals 93% of sports science students were satisfied with the level of education received at the university, and 72% of grads held professional or managerial positions within six months of graduating. 

4. University of Exeter

A degree in sports science from this university gives graduates a thorough "understanding of sport and exercise sciences across a range of sub-disciplines.” 95% of students who completed a degree were satisfied, and 92% of students were employed within six months after graduation, with 59% in a managerial role, reports Unistats.

5. Loughborough University

This university employs some of the best coaches and sports scientists in the UK. The campus features one of the highest quality sports training centers in the UK. Additionally, the university’s sports science program ranked 5 in the Complete University Guide 2015, and 4 in the Times University Guide 2015.

6. The University of Edinburgh 

The university’s Bachelor of Science degree in applied sports science is endorsed by the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences. Approximately 70% of sports science graduates find work within six months of receiving their degree. 

7. Leeds Trinity University

Another top-rated program for sports science in the UK; about 85% of students were satisfied with the program. There were 310 sports science graduates last year, and approximately 86% of these grads were employed in six months and found jobs as coaches, sports psychologists, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc.

8. Sheffield Hallam University

Last year, the university’s sports science degree course ranked 4 in the UK, and the college had the best UK sports facility. There were 920 graduates last year, and approximately 75% were employed within six months of getting their degree.

9. University of Stirling

A recent national student survey reveals 91% of students were satisfied with the sports science course at the university. Many of these classes were taught by research leaders in the field of sports science. The university also ranked 1 in Scotland for sports and education, according to the Times Good University Guide.

10. University of Portsmouth

Also a leading sports and exercise science department in the UK, the university’s sports science department offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses. A degree has prepared graduates for a variety of challenging and exciting roles from coaching to sports management.

For the best education in sports science, it’s important that you apply with the right schools. Fortunately, several top-rated universities and colleges in the UK rank high for student satisfaction, with many graduates finding work within six months of getting a degree. 

Photo credit: Villanova Law (Flickr)




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