Top 10 Unfortunate Business Names

These business owners clearly didn’t think it through when they were naming their companies. And you can just picture their astounded faces as streams of people visit their shop or restaurant just to take a selfie.

From the dirty to the stupid to the very very disgusting we’ve gathered the most unfortunate, yet hilarious, business names out there. It just makes you cringe doesn’t it?

1. BJ's on the Beach

BJ's on the Beach
Blogspot - The World of Horsebones

When you’re single and you go on holiday you hope you’re going to get a little holiday romance or at least sleep with somebody. So this shop is bound to attract all of the ’lads on tour’ who are on the prowl for some frisky business.

2. Golden Shower

Golden Shower
The Japans

The name of this Thai restaurant might put you off your food. Don’t order the soup! Unless you’re into that kind of thing of course. Each to their own, I say.

3. Big Dick's Halfway Inn

Big Dick's Halfway Inn

If you’re looking for a great place to stay then visit Big Dick’s Halfway Inn – there’s always room, or is there?

4. S.T.D Central

S.T.D Central
Downtown Springfield Map

You usually visit a flea market to pick up some one-of-a-kind finds, maybe some cheap vintage clothes or a nice ornament to put up in the lounge. What you don’t expect is to get gonorrhoea free with your purchase.

5. Fuk Mi Sushi & Seafood Buffet

fuk mi sushi

What a genius name for a restaurant. Fuk Mi what a great place to eat! Fuk Mi this sushi is good! By the way, did anybody think of the Japanese twins from Austin Powers Goldmember as soon as they saw this? Very funny.

6. Dumass Taco

Dumass Taco
Blogspot - The Smiling Infidel

Calling all idiots, we have a restaurant just for you! Do your friends’ conversations about politics and current affairs go over your head? Do they use big words that you just don’t understand? Then visit Dumass Taco – the simple man’s restaurant.

7. Master Bait & Tackle

Master Bait & Tackle
Interesting Ideas

Who knows what men do when they go off on their fishing trips? The name of this shop makes it pretty clear though. They get their tackle out and pleasure themselves obviously.

8. Camel Tow

Camel Tow
Only N Door

Was the person who named their company Camel Tow really that naive or were they having a bit of banter? Probably the latter, given the uncouth tagline. To be fair, you wouldn’t forget the name of this company in a million years.

9. Knobs & Knockers

Knobs & Knockers
DX Hound

These guys definitely knew what they were doing when they called their shop Knobs & Knockers. It’s one way to garner attention I suppose. But you do imagine mothers walking by, shielding their children’s innocent eyes before they repeat the name on the sign.

10. Herpes Pizza

Herpes Pizza
Funny Junk

Ewwwwwwwwwwww! This makes you puke a little bit in your mouth at the thought of it. Who in the world would name their fast food joint after something so unpleasant? No I don’t want blisters and boils popping all over my pepperoni thank you!

If you’re starting up a business in the near future, I urge you to take your time when coming up with a name. It’s hard enough to keep a new business afloat without the kind of epic fails you have seen in these cases.

Do you know of any other unfortunate business names? Let us know in the comments box below...




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