Top 10 US Companies Hiring Seasonal Workers for the Holidays

man with beard wearing santa hat holding a saw and christmas trees

With Christmas approaching soon, holiday shopping is set to increase rapidly, so much in fact that seasonal buying accounts for about 20% of the United States’ retail industry’s annual sales. Retailers are consequently urged to ensure they are properly staffed to cope with this increase in holiday demand. The good news is that retailers plan to hire more than 700,000 seasonal workers from all over the US, a projection that remains unchanged from last year according to a report from consultancy company Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. The marked difference between last year and this year’s projection is that many temporary holiday jobs are moving to the back of the “house”, as in shipping, stocking and logistics roles.

Usually, temporary jobs offered during the holiday season are in the retail sector and include customer service agents, sale representatives and individuals for stock maintenance. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is the only industry that offers work around the Christmas/Holiday season. Charities, entertainment venues and restaurants also see a massive influx of business during this festive time of year which necessitates hiring more employees.

Expand Your Focus

So, it’s best not to focus on one sector, but instead, expand your search to include multiple fields. For example, the report mentions that Opryland (a resort in Nashville, Tennessee) announced 300 temporary christmas jobs for a new attraction featuring a massive collection of ice sculptures. The positions will include everything from call centre agents to restaurant hosts and greeters.

If you are thinking of applying for a temporary job this christmas, take the following points into consideration:

  • The sooner you apply, the better the chances you’ll have to land a job.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the traditional retail storefronts. Take advantage of other openings in the backroom (especially considering that this is the projected shift for seasonal jobs).
  • Don’t narrow your research to the big brands. Some really great opportunities exist in small retailers and shops too.

To help jump start your job hunt, check out this list to see which companies increase hiring during the holiday season, how many people they hired last year and what this years hiring projections are.

1. FedEx

Projected jobs for 2016: 50,000

Previous year’s figures: 55,000

View the seasonal job postings at Fedex

2. JCPenney

Projected jobs for 2016: 40,000

Previous year’s figures: 30,000

View the seasonal job postings at JCPenny

3. GameStop

Projected jobs for 2016: Not announced

Previous year’s figures: 20,000

View the seasonal job postings at GameStop

4. Kohl’s

Projected jobs for 2016: 69,000

Previous year’s figures: 79,160

View the seasonal job postings at Kohl’s

5. Macy’s

Projected jobs for 2016: 83,000

Previous year’s figures: 85,000

View the seasonal job postings at Macy’s

6. Target

Projected jobs for 2016: 77,500

Previous year’s figures: 85,000

View the seasonal job postings at Target

7. Toys“R” Us

Projected jobs for 2016: Not announced

Previous year’s figures: 40,000

View the seasonal job postings at Toys“R”Us

8. UPS

Projected jobs for 2016: 95,000

Previous year’s figures: 95,000

View the seasonal job postings at UPS

9. Walmart

Projected jobs for 2016: Not announced

Previous year’s figures: 60,000

View the seasonal job postings at Walmart

10. Amazon

Projected jobs for 2016: 120,000

Previous year’s figures: 100,000

View the seasonal job postings at Amazon

The increase in holiday spending doesn’t just help temporary workers. Most companies including FedEx increase their permanent employees working hours during this period meaning higher holiday salaries.

Seasonal jobs are a great way to make a little extra money during the increased expense of the holidays. But, if you do your job well, and your supervisors are impressed, you might be offered a more long term position. This can be an excellent introduction to an industry you have little to no experience in but would like to enter. So, start writing your CV for a seasonal job as soon as possible and good luck with your job search!

Have you ever done this type of work at Christmas time to earn some extra cash? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments section below…