Top 10 US Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship

Top 10 US Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship

If you’re considering moving to the US for work, it’s good to know that there are companies that will offer you H1B visa sponsorship. Most companies will help you sort out your work visa, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. Here are the top 10 companies offering Visa sponsorship in the US:

1. Amazon

The internet retail giant received 333 H1B visas for foreign employees in 2013 alone, filling positions like Marketing Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager, Financial Analysts, Information Systems Manager, and more.

2. Apple

Apple received 520 H1B visas in 2013, adding foreign employees in more than 38 occupation categories--including Computer Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Information Systems Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Logisticians, and Industrial Engineers.

3. Bank of America

BOA is the second-largest bank holding in the country, and it provided 196 H1B visas in 2013 alone. Employees fit in 18 different categories, including Management Analysts, Computer Analysts, Financial Analysts, Statisticians, and Financial Managers.

4. Facebook

Social media giant Facebook filed 178 H1B visas in 2013, with 173 being granted to foreign employees. Salaries for these employees have gone as high as $200,000 per year, and there are jobs in 11 categories.

5. Google

Search engine dictator Google filed 685 successful H1B visas in 2013, filling jobs in 37 occupation categories--including Software Developers, Sales Engineers, Sales Managers, and Statisticians.

6. Haliburton

Oil company Haliburton is one of the highest-ranking companies in the US, and though it only successfully filed for 47 H1B visas, it offered employment in 18 different categories--including Electrical, Petroleum, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineers.

7. Harvard

Top-ranking university Harvard brings in professors and employees from around the world, and it filed for 107 H1B visas in 2013. The positions filled included Chemists, Statisticians, and teachers in history, literature, foreign language, and biology.

8. JPMorgan Chase

As the largest US bank, it’s no surprise that JP Morgan Chase is on this list. The company filed for 355 H1B visas last year, filling 32 categories such as Statisticians, Credit Analysts, Financial Analysts, and Database Administrators.

9. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the largest tech companies in the country, and it once ranked as the #1 employer of foreign professionals. It is currently ranked #3, with more than 2125 visas in 22 employment categories successfully filed in 2013.

10. Verizon

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, it’s no surprise that Verizon hires a wide range of foreign professionals. The company filed for 139 visas in 2013, filling positions such as Software Developer, Computer Systems Administrator, and Computer Systems Analyst.

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