Top 10 Ways Going Vegan Helps Your Career

Going vegan used to be reserved for hippies and it used to mean bowls of cardboard-tasting granola and plates of super boring tofu. Things have definitely changed for the better in recent years. Now being on a vegan diet is extremely popular, thanks to super trendy green veggies like kale, grains like quinoa and, of course, those green smoothies that are popping up everywhere. Whether you’re already vegan or haven’t even considered it, you might want to think about eating more meatless meals or at least adding more vegan foods into your diet. It will help your physical and mental health and it will make you an amazingly productive employee. Check out the top 10 ways that going vegan can actually help your career.

1. Vegetables Give you Tons of Energy

You will be amazed at how much energy you have and how awake you will feel when you are on a vegan diet instead of the typical standard American diet which includes tons of meat and potatoe-type meals. Just think about the following example: NHL star, Tony Gonzalez, went vegan for breakfast and lunch and ate meals like these. If a star athlete got enough energy to compete on a vegan diet, it’s definitely a good way for you to get enough energy to do an amazing job at work. How do veggies give us energy? It’s their carbohydrates. Kale and lettuce and carrots are carbs too, not just pasta, rice and bread. Our bodies use these healthy carbs which make us feel awake for long periods of time, instead of the quick energy that we get from simple carbs like pasta that makes us crash and feel tired.

2. Meal Prep and Cooking Will be Super Simple

It’s difficult enough to follow a healthy diet when we’re working hard, and even more tricky to find the time and the energy to make home-cooked meals. Vegan food has the advantage of being very easy to prepare. You can make a simple dinner of rice and black beans, or make a vegan chili that takes half the time of a meat-based version, or cook some tofu quickly with some spicy kale. You can take leftovers for lunch and will get lots of fiber and protein from consuming beans.

3. Making a Lifestyle Change is Motivating

People rarely adopt a healthy diet, such as a plant-based one, without making any other changes to get healthier. When you decide to change your eating habits, you will most likely want to exercise, too, and that will give you even more energy for your job. And what’s best, you will be motivated to be your best self yet, which will translate to actually achieving your career goals and dreams. When we’re happy, we tend to kill it at the office.

4. You Will Have More Time for your Job

Spending less time in the kitchen will allow you to use that time for work, and you won’t be exhausted from spending hours slaving away over a hot stove. This is especially good news when you’re facing a tough deadline or a work crisis. Since so many vegan meals are portable, you can even prep everything on a Sunday and then bring a container of oatmeal with fruit and nuts or a green smoothie to work for a quick, filling and super healthy breakfast at your desk.

5. You can Stay Healthy When you Work Late

You can easily whip up a quick smoothie with vegan protein powder anytime that you need an energy boost, or when you have to stay at the office late. Just keep the ingredients in your office kitchen fridge and cupboard, and you can ace any deadline because you will always have a protein-rich, healthy meal option at your fingertips. What’s helpful about plant-based meals is that you don’t need to enjoy a traditional meal. Crackers, hummus and veggies can be an easy vegan snack or even a dinner. That’s much healthier to enjoy on those crazy late nights instead of ordering a pizza.

6. You Will be More Productive

There’s actually a connection between boosting your productivity at work and embracing a vegan lifestyle. Researchers concluded a four month study in February, 2015 and discovered that veganism can increase productivity. But there’s one catch: it has to be a varied diet. Even if you don’t want to go vegan-full time, you can still eat a vegan breakfast and lunch and get more done than ever before.

7. Your Mental Health Will Improve

The participants of the same study mentioned above, saw improvements in their mental health when they ate plant-based meals. Not suffering from depression or anxiety will definitely help you at your job, since these will generally impair your ability to get anything done. Being as healthy as you can be is all about your physical, emotional and mental health, and if vegan food can get you into tip top shape, why not eat a few meatless meals (or go vegan full-time)?

Whether you’re already vegan, or are thinking about it or just want to be healthier in order to be able to focus more at the office, check out these top 10 reasons on how going vegan can help your career. Your physical and mental health will be in good shape, you will spend less time in the kitchen and more time at your desk, and you will feel amazing. And who doesn’t want that?