Top 10 Ways to Become Successful


In the book How Will You Measure Your LifeRhodes Scholar Clayton M. Christensen asserts that the fundamentals that drive big enterprises are similarly effective in driving our personal lives. Success, an elusive and difficult to realize aspect of life or business, can be achieved through the formulation of ‘brilliant’ strategies. Here are the top 10 ways to become successful.

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1. Manage your time

The common cliché “time is money” still holds sway in the pursuit of success. Plan ahead; living on a day-to-day basis is simply naïve. Profitable corporates are also vision driven; setting personal goals is paramount for success. Seize the moment and act promptly.

2. Be a problem solver

Identifying and solving problems builds resilience in difficult times. Focus on your strengths and replace bad habits with better ones. Improve on perceived weaknesses. Think of your set goals as opportunities to grow rather than an avenue of proving your worth. Paint a picture in your mind of the desired success and how to overcome any obstacles.

3. Be dynamic

Being dynamic is born of expressing your feelings whether they are good or bad. Build self-confidence and readily accept criticism. Be a good listener and slow to pass judgment.

4. Commit to a cause

Commitment to a purpose is integral to success. Commitment calls for self-examination and improvement. It steers you towards making the right judgment calls on people and situations, which helps you correct your course and take the right direction. Commitment removes hesitancy and the notion to draw back.

5. Stay open-minded

Respect the beliefs and choices of others. You will never be an absolute authority in all matters – in life, there will always be a person better than you.

6. Educate yourself

A good education builds a firm foundation for success, but the human mind never ceases to learn. Taking part in seminars, reading relevant books and journals, and surfing the web are ways of keeping abreast with current trends. Always strive to have an edge in your chosen vocation.

7. Build relationships

Success cannot be realized without strong social and professional relationships. Every person that you encounter might play a role in your road to success. Always aim to strengthen the capacity of individuals at every opportunity. Cultivate confidence, honesty and sincere love in your relationships. Take time to develop lasting friendships.

8. Be street smart

Brilliant brains may get you a good paying job, but you need to balance classroom knowledge and the real world. Understanding and handling matters realistically and in a way that adds value to those involved is a virtue that you should nurture as you foster good habits.

9. Stay open to new technology

You have to embrace change however difficult it may feel. Technology is drastically changing the way we plan our lives. Self-stagnation and reluctance to adapt to the evolving world is an obstacle to achieving your objectives.

10. Appreciate the little things

Take time to smile and appreciate life’s little pleasures. Laugh with your friends and colleagues, enjoy a good meal, say ‘thank you’, and acknowledge little achievements you make alone or with others.

As you establish yourself towards success, develop the habit of giving back. Once you have taken care of yourself, it is a good feeling to help those in need. Nobody ever gets to the point of success without the support of others. Most of the help is given without inhibitions and in turn you should learn and enjoy giving.