Top 10 Ways to Build a Deep Network


Many of us believe in personal achievement and success. We intend to have a good life with the right people around us. Climbing the ladder of life needs other people’s support, advice and direction. Therefore, building a broad network becomes necessary. You can build a deep network in several ways:

1. Be Friendly

During social events, be friendly to everyone including strangers. Show them who you are by making genuine gestures. Demonstrating a sincere and warm character will make them want to be next to you at alltimes

2. Be Understanding

Try as much as possible and fit in your friend’s shoes. You should be able to view and understand most issues from their line of thought. Using such a perspective will encourage you to assist and create an honest connection.

3. Be Collaborative

Genuine and profound friendship encompasses being cooperative and supportive. At all times, make your friendship mutual and long- lasting by avoiding selfish personal interests. Strive to make helping others the first agenda in your daily life.

4. Strengthen Your Friendly Ties

Existing friends are a strong pillar in our lives. We must, therefore, strengthen our ties by engaging in joint activities. Consultation at all levels and uplifting each other should be part of our principles. Real friends must always be there for each other in both stormy and calm moments.

5. Learn to Engage in Conversation

In case you meet a new person, make use of compliments in your conversations. They will feel appreciated, and you can go ahead to identify what you have in common. The subject of discussion should not be offensive and don’t take over all the discussion. Give the other person an opportunity to talk as you listen carefully.

6. Be Trustworthy

Let your friends feel loved, cared for and safe. They will be in a position to openly express themselves and even tell you the problems or challenges they are experiencing.

7. Join Support Groups

Support groups will offer an opportunity to exchange the vast knowledge and ideas you have with friends. You will end up getting equipped to face any challenges and deepen your friendship.

8. Be Enriching

Involve your friends in activities that add value to their lives. You can empower them academically, economically and even spiritually.

9. Be Flexible and Adventurous

Without fear, diplomatically challenge compromising behaviors from your friends. They will not feel offended. Also, be flexible enough to make new positive friends. Participating together in adventurous activities will create tight-knit groups. Fun moments will create permanent memories, strengthen and deepen friendships since you get enough time to be close to each other.

10. Be Visionary

Being future sighted will enable you get focused and foresee any challenge before it comes. This allows you to critically analyze and solve a challenge with a lot of ease. Through such a strategy, you will win more friends who believe you have the capacity to help.

Forming deep friendship will create more and strong networks through existing friends. You will have a platform to interact with people from all social classes and with different ideologies. This expands your scope of knowledge across many specialties since you will be in a position to learn something about everything. Finally, let love be the essential component of friendship.




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