Top 10 Ways to Keep Up With What's New in Your Field

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1. Social Networking
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If you mainly use your twitter for Instagrammed lunches, and your Facebook for hilarious quizzes, think again - there are industry insiders, niche magazines, and professional publications available through social network channels for even the most obscure of career choice, accessed simply by following a few new and interesting people and groups.

Standing still is going backwards, so the saying goes, and keeping up with developments in your field of expertise is essential for everyone to be at their best in the workplace. But let’s be honest, it can be a bit of a busman’s holiday to scour the professional press for details and zoom in on every social, political or economic change that might impact your sector. Try these easy ideas to start off, and find the simple tricks that help you keep up to date, and keep on impressing the boss with your inside knowledge.




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