Top 10 Ways to Love Your Job More

No matter how much we enjoy what we do for a living, there are going to be times when we need a reminder of why we wanted this job so badly in the first place. Deadlines pile up, emails go unanswered and we feel stressed and we start dreaming of a beach vacation doing nothing but drinking pina coladas and reading all day long. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s completely possible to find ways to enjoy your job even more than you already do. Here are the top 10 ways to love your job more and get the most out of each and every day.

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1. Eat Healthy

What do eating a healthy diet and loving your job have to do with each other? Everything. We can’t function properly and focus to the best of our ability when we’re living on pizza and soda. In order to be as productive as you possibly can and feel as good as you can every day; you need to stick to a diet of lean protein, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and healthy fats like avocado and nuts. Limit caffeine to one or two cups of coffee in the morning. Enjoy a smoothie with protein powder, fruit and your choice of milk every single morning (and don’t be afraid to add a side of whole grain toast - carbs are your friend) and fuel up to stay happy for each and every work day. Pack your lunch and stick to salads with chicken or fish. And limit indulgences to one or two times a week. You can’t expect to gorge yourself on pepperoni pizza and French fries tonight and to feel anything but sluggish and tired tomorrow. What you put into your body matters a lot. If you eat properly you will be able to face every work day with a smile and lots of energy.

2. Have A Daily Treat

We all need treats and rewards every now and then, so why not treat yourself daily? If you’re sitting at your desk working and eating super healthy food every single day, you might start to feel a little deprived, as if you all you do is work and focus on your diet. But the treat doesn’t have to be food-related and in fact, it shouldn’t, since you want to keep your mood up and your energy high. Maybe your treat will be spending fifteen minutes at lunch reading your favourite food blogs, checking Twitter or even reading a magazine. We all deserve a break so embrace yours and come back to your pile of projects with renewed energy. As a bonus that will really make you love your job, only read your favorite blogs at the office on your break, so that you’ll look forward to that time. Now there’s another reason to love coming into work every day.

3. Actually Take A Lunch Break

The lunch break seems to have become a thing of the past, like renting movies or not owning a smartphone. But we need breaks to recharge. Out of every 5 people, only one actually takes this time. Make sure you take a lunch break every day, whether you eat in the conference or board room and chat to some co-workers or go for a walk. Even just eating at your desk but still getting outside for 10 or 15 minutes makes a difference. You will never feel absolutely chained to your desk and your job if you get outside every day at noon or at 1 p.m. It reminds you that there is a whole world out there and that not every little work stress is all that important. You will then have a renewed appreciation for your job.

4. Socialize With Co-workers

It turns out that whether we get along with the people we sit beside at the office can be a deciding factor in how much we like our jobs. A survey discovered that you enjoy your position more if you are friendly with other employees. So why not go out for lunch once a month with the people you work with or even make a point of talking to more people at your office? Nobody wants to live or work alone and, as the saying goes, no man is an island, so feel free to socialize with your co-workers. Any reason that makes you feel better at work is a good one.

5. Ask For More Work

Before you think it sounds insane to actually ask for more work, consider how you feel when you take on a challenge at the office. Tired and stressed, yes, but also satisfied when you get home from work every night and the project is finally over. Job satisfaction means you not only enjoy what you do in terms of the day-to-day but that you also challenge yourself. We only grow and learn as human beings when we challenge ourselves and try something new. It’s the same with our jobs. So talk to your boss or manager and say you want to stretch yourself in terms of your career. You may find out parts of yourself that you never knew existed and might even snag a promotion at the end of it. Whatever happens, you will walk into the office every day with a renewed sense of purpose.

6. Host An Office Potluck

A surefire way to get employees involved and invested in the office culture is to host a potluck once a month. You can choose a theme and have everyone bring in Mexican food or Indian food, for example, or you can simply ask people to make their favorite dish and bring it in. This is a great way for the office to bond and for people to look forward to going to work that day. Everyone will be happy for the lunch break and will return to their desks smiling.

7. Take Steps to Reduce Stress

We can’t love our jobs if we are totally stressed out all the time. When you’re in a heightened state, you are overly emotional and quick to react to whatever comes your way. Even a tiny email can make you feel like something bad is happening, whether that’s true or not. Decide how you cope with stress best and do it. Maybe you swear by going to yoga 4 times a week, or you wake up at 5 a.m. so you can sweat it out at the gym every morning. Stick to a stress-reducing routine and watch your job enjoyment soar.

8. Create A Morning Ritual

Scrambling to your desk fifteen minutes past 9 and praying your boss doesn’t notice that you’re late once again is not the best way to start the day. Create a morning ritual that you can look forward to. It will make a big difference if you can get to work even 15-20 minutes early every day. Then you will have some time to answer emails in the peace and quiet and enjoy a cup of coffee before everyone else gets there and things get pretty chaotic. Treasure this time to yourself and make sure you make it a priority. Even if you can only do this twice a week, it’s still better than nothing.

9. Don't Forget Your Afternoon Snack

Anyone can fantasize about quitting their job and moving to a tropical location when 4 p.m. hits and they are starving, tired and having trouble concentrating one second longer. We all know we should eat three meals a day but don’t forget about snacks. A mid-afternoon snack is super important when it comes to keeping your energy levels up. You will not enjoy even your favorite work-related tasks and projects when your stomach is grumbling and you feel foggy-headed. Try a granola bar and an apple, some nut butter spread on multi-grain toast or some hummus and carrot sticks. Whatever you choose, make sure it has protein and carbs and that it isn’t full of sugar, which will defeat the purpose and make you feel worse.

10. Make A To-Do List and Stick to It

If you’re an organized person, you probably make to-do lists pretty regularly. But do you actually stick to them? There is a certain satisfaction that comes from crossing something out on your list. Create daily and weekly to-do lists and ensure they are realistic and involve things you can actually get done in a typical work day or work week. You will feel amazing and on top of the world and like you are doing an amazing job. Which you are, of course.

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You love your job, but you could always love it even more. Check out these top 10 tips for increasing your job satisfaction and enjoy your position more than ever before. From office potlucks to lunch breaks to never forgetting that all-important 3 p.m. snack, these tips are easy and fun ways to get everything you can out of your job.




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